Posted on October 25, 2016

Why people judge fandom Geeks


I came home today, clutching a paper bag of Primark under my arm. I walked up the stairs and greeted my boyfriend. “You are probably going to roll your eyes at this,” I warned, before I unpacked the Hogwarts blanket that I had bought a few hours earlier. This was not the first time. Basically after every visit to the Primark, I come home with geeky stuff because it’s something that makes me happy. Whether it’s a Harry Potter blanket or a Pokémon shirt or a Disney mug, they all make me happy because they remind me of the series or films and games that I have come to love during my years on this planet.

When you are in your teenage years, this is considered cute. But once you creep closer to your twenties and the inevitable ‘adulthood’, suddenly the people around you ask you whether it isn’t a bit childish. It’s exasperating to be honest, because I don’t think me openly liking things that are deemed ‘childish’ has any effect on how I deal with my responsibilities as an adult. Yet it is not uncommon for people to judge you. Obviously when you’ve reached a certain age, you are obliged to read novels only meant for adults, recite Shakespeare in your free time and spend brunch dates discussing work and the kids. But why is there such a stigma on being a geek or liking geeky stuff?

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Posted on October 21, 2016

Lady Gaga – Joanne album review


Lady Gaga. Where do we start when we talk about Gaga? She came on to the scene as the eccentric one, notorious for her extravagant outfits and theatrical performances. And let’s not forget her amazing pop tunes. Between The Fame and The Fame Monster, Gaga released some amazing pop anthems. Paparazzi, Poker Face and Bad Romance. Who doesn’t know those songs? But then something went wrong. Gaga released music that (to my personal taste) wasn’t up to her usual standard and especially the Artpop era was incomprehensible to me. That wasn’t the Gaga we knew and loved. While I kind of liked some of the songs on Artpop, the majority was disappointing.

Gaga released a jazz album in the meantime with Tony Benett and starred in American Horror Story, but now she has returned with a new album. Joanne is named after Gaga’s aunt who passed away at the age of nineteen because of lupus. Gaga has always felt a spiritual connection to her aunt even though Joanne died before Gaga was born. It makes sense that she would name her fifth studio album after her aunt.

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Posted on October 21, 2016

Luke Cage Episodes 8 – 13 Review (Spoilers!)


Even though the entire first season of Luke Cage was available on Netflix at once, there definitely was a mid-season finale vibe at episode seven. The second part of Luke’s story picks up at the eight episode and introduces the main villain of the series: Diamondback. Or is he?

Be sure to read the review of the first seven episodes of Luke Cage here. The problem with the first half of the season was the pace, which was too slow at times. That certainly isn’t an issue anymore as events keep piling up. There is Diamondback, who has a special weapon with which he can hurt Luke. There’s the police who don’t mind buying a similar kind of weapon and also don’t mind profiling black people as Luke is a wanted man now. This ofcourse resonates back to real life and gives the show a deeper meaning and topics to think about.

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Posted on October 19, 2016

Inferno Film Review


I am not a Dan Brown fan. There, I just said it. I have read The Da Vinci Code and think I saw the film, but I am not sure. It’s not that I have anything against Dan Brown and his novels, I just never got the whole craze that happened a while ago over his books. That’s fine, it was never really my genre and I enjoyed the Da Vinci Code, but never really felt the need to watch/read the other stories.

However, the boyfriend is a Dan Brown fan and was very excited when Inferno hit the theatres. Considering I have an Unlimited Pass for one of the cinemas here (which means I can see as many films as I like for a certain amount of money a month), I didn’t mind going to the film. I mean, I think Tom Hanks is a great actor and I was excited to see him in another film.

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Posted on October 17, 2016

Netflix tip: Timberlake and Chill

Film/TV/ Music

Last week Netflix decided to grace us with a very special treat. They released Justin Timberlake + The Tennessee Kids on the service, which was good news for all of us who enjoy a little bit of Timberlake now and then. The film was the recorded version of JT’s last show for the 20/20 Experience Tour in Vegas.

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