In the past few years, The Sassologist has grown into a site with reliable reviews regarding all things pop culture. We specialize in YA books (but we also lovingly review fantasy, contemporary novels, comics, thrillers and horror), films/series of all genres and games of all sorts. In the past, we have also written about events such as Dutch Comic Con and the Harry Potter exhibition. While we are located in the Netherlands, we boast an international audience which means working with us will mean a broad reach. We have an post address in the Netherlands as well as the UK, if needed. The Sassologist continues to grow every single day. We find it important that no matter how much we grow, we always remain true to ourselves and our identity. After all, we are just pop culture fans writing for other pop culture fans.

The Sassologist Target Audience Review Policy

Most of our visitors are from the United States, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Our main audience ranges from the age of 18 up to 34. Most of our readers are movie lovers, book lovers and game lovers. Our site appeals to both males and females equally.

The Sassologist Reviews
The Sassologist Reviews

We have a very clear vision when it comes to reviewing either books, films or games. We give arguments whether or not we liked something and we try to explain both the good and the bad in an eloquent way. However, we are fully aware that reviews are objective, so something we consider to be good, might not appeal to someone else and vice versa.

We feel like starred reviews limit the way we look at these products, which is why we’ve made a conscious decision not to use them.

While reviewing novels, we give a plus for the things we liked and a minus for the things we disliked. An example can be found here.  Our film/game reviews generally just showcase all of our arguments and in the conclusion we suggest whether or not a film is worth watching or a game worth playing. Examples can be found here and here.

We are open to reviewing ARCs and attending (press) screenings of films, however, we always want to have the freedom to provide our honest opinion. When we love something, we truly love it and when we dislike something, we will say so, yet we always try to highlight the positive aspects as well. We do this because we know our readers value our honest opinion. If you value that, we will be happy to work with you and promote your product.

The Sassologist Events and Cons

We love attending events and photographing events which we can later write about on our site. We love to be among pop culture fans and to experience events which we can tell our visitors about. If you host an event which might be interesting for us, don’t hesitate to contact us. Examples of our work regarding events can be found here, here and here.

If you wish to contact us about possible reviews or events, you can always email us at

We are looking forward to hearing from you. For more information on how/why/when to contact us, go to our contact page!