Inspiring Artist: Josh Rossi

Last week I was mindlessly scrolling around the internet, as you do, when I came across one of the most beautiful photos I had seen in a while. The story? A father travelled around Europe in order to do a photoshoot with his daughter, who portrayed Belle (from Beauty and the Beast). The result was a stunning series of images, which led me to research this photographer and I was amazed by his work with his little girl.

The photographer’s name is Josh Rossi. He is a very talented photographer and digital artist, who has worked with Adobe, Wacom and LG to name a few. Before doing the Beauty and the Beast shoot, Josh created a Wonder Woman series starring his cute daughter.

Wonder Woman

Inspiring Artist: Josh Rossi Inspiring Artist: Josh Rossi Inspiring Artist: Josh Rossi

I adore the composition of these photos and the fact that they look so incredibly realistic. Every single part of these photos had to be shot individually. When someone is not as experienced with photoshop, this can look fake. Yet these photos feel authentic. Not to mention they make Nellee look like a real warrior. 3-years-old and she already masters the sass.

To surprise her for Valentine’s day, Josh decided to go to Europe to take pictures of old castles to serve as backgrounds. Back home he photographed his daughter and created masterpieces that look like stills from the upcoming movie. You can see the amount of effort that has been put into these photos and I love that.

Beauty and the Beast

Inspiring Artist: Josh Rossi Inspiring Artist: Josh Rossi Inspiring Artist: Josh Rossi

How gorgeous are these?

Now that I am learning more about photography and drawing myself, I find it interesting to observe the work of others. Whether it is commercial or artistic, I think there is beauty in all kinds of work. I think Josh’s work on these series is outstanding and dreamlike. It also shows that if a girl wants to be a princess, she can be. It might take a little bit of photoshop magic, but hey, why not?

I am planning on making this a series in the upcoming week. So every week I will discuss an artist whose work I enjoy and why.  If you have any suggestions, let me know.

What do you think of Josh Rossi’s work?




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