The Sassologist's Etsy Christmas Shopping List

The Sassologist’s Etsy Christmas Shopping List

It’s important to shop local or shop at a small business. That’s why we have hand picked some Etsy Christmas themed popculture gifts! Support these wonderful artists and put something handmade under the Christmas tree this year. All these lovely Etsy shops ship worldwide. Be sure to also check our blog ‘gifts for pop-culture-loving chicks’ for more awesome popculture Christmas presents!

Katie Abey Design

Sassologist's Etsy Christmas Shopping Guide: Holiday Armadillo PinThe wickedly talented Katie Abey has a shop full of wannahaves so be sure to check everything in her shop. She has a lot of original and very funny drawings, as well as a lot of crazy popculture references. What to think of ‘Katie Purry‘, ‘Snapechat‘ or ‘Yoda’s Milkshake‘. As Christmas presents go, her ‘Cup of Christmas’ and ‘Holiday Armadillo’ pin are the best gifts to get this year. The Holiday Armadillo is of course known from the tv-series Friends, where Ross dresses up as this weird creature when he can’t find a Santa costume. Katie Abey’s Etsy shop also has loads of awesome Christmas cards, as well as other postcards. “Happiness, motivation and sarcasm in gift form”.
Katie ships from the United Kingdom.


The Sassologist's Etsy Christmas Shopping List: Harry Potter printKira’s doodles are just the cutest ever. If you’re looking for something delightful on your wall, her drawings are what you need! The Chibi Harry Potter Doodle Art Print is in her own words “perfect for every Potterhead!” All of your favorite Harry Potter characters are on this 12″ x 18″ (31 x 46 cm) poster. Something new can be found on it everytime you take a look! Just look at the Hogwarts Express, or Snape, or Hagrid, there is so much to see! Kira also has among others Studio Ghibli and Sailor Moon items in her Etsy shop. If you’re looking for a very early Halloween gift, you have to adopt a ghost, and to be clearer a ghost with the cutest name ever: Spooky McCute.
Kira ships from the United States. 


Sassologist's Etsy Shopping Guide: Jeff Goldblum printThere are so many popculture items on this Etsy shop, it will make you very greedy. You didn’t even know you needed Bill Murray nail decals until now. Add some sparkly nailpolish and you’re all set for the office Christmas party! Or get a sassy Christmas card that says ‘Merry Christmas Tinsel Tits’. If you’re looking for something a little less flashy, how about a beautiful notebook with the famous JRR Tolkien quote ‘not all who wonder are lost.’ As for the gift for your crazy friend: why not give her an amazing drawing of Jeff Goldblum? Let love blum!
Lauren ships from the United Kingdom.



Sassologist's Etsy Shopping Guide: Cat Lady MugAren’t we all a crazy cat lady deep in our hearts? Or we at least know one. So get the crazy cat lady mug for that one special person in your life. Or get one for your cat to drink out of. Either way, Megan McNulty makes beautiful drawings and cool items to put on your Christmas wishlist. For more Christmassy items, check out the lasercut bamboo brooches such as a reindeer, gingerbread man or a candycane. Megan cuts the bamboo herself and assembles each brooch by hand! These will certainly make your Christmas outfit even better.
Megan ships from the Netherlands.


Sassologist's Etsy Shopping Guide: Instant Comfort Pocket BoxThis one is not a popculture reference/item, but this lovely little Etsy shop has to be featured on this list. If you know somebody who could use a little pick me up this Christmas, take a look at the Instant Comfort Pocket Boxes from Kim Welling. Pick a unicorn for that special someone, a mermaid for the mermaid in your life or go with something more ordinary (but just as sweet!) such as flowers or a cup of tea. Each box has a short message to cheer up the receiver. With a gift like this, everyone will feel better, and you can keep it in your purse or handbag to get some comfort whenever you need it. A special little Christmas gift!
Kim ships from the Netherlands.


Sassologist's Christmas Etsy Shopping Guide: Suck My Nuts Abraham PinDo you miss Glenn and Abraham from the Walking Dead? You should support your love for them with a special enamel pin from this small but awesome Etsy store from Elle. Just a ‘Glenn’ if you love(d) Glenn, or if you love(d) Abraham, go with the bolder choice of ‘Suck my nuts’ which are, as this shop so beautifully puts it, the “Most epic last words ever.” Also available, for Game of Thrones lovers: a Tormund enamel pin for all those that swoon over Tormund, just like Brienne should. These small Christmas gifts are everything your nerdy heart desires!
Elle ships from the United Kingdom.



Article written by Nora

Nora would like more time in a day to watch more tv-series & films, write more stories and read more books. Instead, she tries to combine working fulltime and being a wife, mom & friend with sponging up as much popculture in her life as one possibly can. Trigger words for her include, but are not limited to: Gaiman, Rowling, Riordan, Rowell, Star Wars, Marvel, Batman, Bucky, Netflix & Disney. On all Social Media she's known as nosinne.

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