Short Film: FADED

Short Film: FADED

A few years ago, I made a short film called Insomnia for school. The theme was supposed to be Revolution, but as I did a minor in Art school at the time and they love for you to break the rules, I did something completely different and made a very dark horrorish video. And I don’t even like horror!

Because I felt creative, I wrote another short film and I asked some friends to join in and help me. We brought back the demon from the first video and started filming. We’ve filmed all of this in a couple of hours, but the editing took me a few days. I especially had to get used to doing After Effects so that took a while.

Musicwise I chose two instrumentals by Mika because I felt that they fit the story of the video at that time. The more dark and dangerous music was royalty free music from Kevin McLeod.

Did the video turn out exactly as I had it in my head? No. But I am still learning. And Youtube has tremendously lowered the quality of the video. But that’s okay. I hope you will still enjoy it! Let me know what you think.

And as not everything always goes as planned, here are the bloopers:



Article written by Ingrid

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