Inspiring artist: Todrick Hall & Straight Outta Oz

Inspiring artist: Todrick Hall & Straight Outta Oz

Youtube is not only filled with vloggers and people who prank others. Nope, there are people who are actually talented. I found one of those people a while ago. His name is Todrick Hall, and you might know him if you’ve been paying attention. Todrick is an incredible performer and is widely known for his Disney-style videos. It had been a while since I watched one of his videos, and then I came across his visual album, Straight Outta Oz. It’s been out for a while, but I thought it was worth showing it to you anyway.

Spell Block Tango

Before we get in to Straight Outta Oz, I wanted to show some other favourites of mine. The first one is Spell Block Tango. Basically it is a parody on Cell Block Tango from the musical Chicago. That happens to be one of my favourite musical songs. Anyway, the video contains some of Disney’s most beloved villains, confessing to their crimes. I think it is absolutely genius and had to share.

Another one of my favourites, and one that is pretty appropriate with the film being out, is this Beauty and the Beast parody. Let’s be honest, this would be a great feature film:

Now let’s get to Oz.

Straight Outta Oz, the visual album

Todrick said the following on his album:

“Well, I was so inspired by what Beyonce did with “Formation” and the Lemonade album. I also love Lin-Manuel Miranda, who is the genius who created Hamilton. I loved The Wizard of Oz so much to the point that I’ve gotten a full-sleeve tattoo of Wizard of Oz-inspired art. I’ve just always loved the story so much and I was like, “I would love to take this story and tell it in a way that my fans haven’t seen me do it before.”

I’ve done three or four Wizard of Oz-themed videos but I also auditioned for The Wiz. I got so close to getting the [role of the] Scarecrow and I didn’t get it. I was super depressed. Performers go and do auditions all the time and when you don’t get them, it’s like whatever but because it was The Wizard of Oz and that story is so special to me, I was like, “There’s not a person in America who would want this role more than I would want it.” I decided to turn all the negative things in my life into positives and was like “I didn’t get The Wiz so I’m gonna go make my own version of The Wiz.” – Source

Most of the album centers around Todrick’s life and his journey to fame. He also touches on serious issues such as the Orlando shooting. The whole thing is visually stunning, from the outfits to the sets. An enormous amount of detail has been put into it. I was amazed and just couldn’t stop watching it. I’m sure Disney fans and fans of drag queens alike will love all the cameos. Watch it here if you are interested:


If you do not have time to watch the whole thing in one go, make sure you watch at least the following videos. I think Todrick is probably one of the best artists on Youtube. Not only that, his artistry is unrivalled by any traditional artist today. I found out too late that he was going to perform in Amsterdam, as tickets are now sold out. I do hope to catch him live one day. In the meantime, enjoy these videos and let us know what you think of Todrick!



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