Byron Bay Suncare Review

Byron Bay Suncare – A Review

The sun is shining again! HURRAY! Which means we all need to protect ourselves from all those pesky rays of sunshine which can cause all kinds of nasty things like wrinkles. The horror. Downside of all of this is that sunscreen usually smells awful. Yes it does its job but nobody thinks: “I love putting the smell of chemicals all over my body.” Hence why, I present to you today, suncare that actually does smell like heaven!

Apparently this is Byron Bay. A very beautiful place in Australia where awesome and athletic people go to surf. Hence why I will never go there, because my surfing skills are not-existent. Anyway, when you are a pretty sun-tanned surfer, it is important to protect your skin. The natural oils used in the Byron Bay suncare products ensure that that happens. And it smells like coconut oil. Who doesn’t like coconut oil?

Byron Bay Suncare Review

The oil has a bit of an orangy colour which probably has to do with the carrot oil. The Aloe Vera gel has a completely different texture, although both feel really nice on the skin. It promises you that you get a tan quicker, but I have not experienced that yet. Then again, a scoop of vanilla ice cream probably gets a tan faster than I do.

All in all, if you are looking for new suncare products, Byron Bay is certainly worth a try.



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