Make Up 101: The Ultimate Guide to Make Up Brushes

Make Up 101: The Ultimate Guide to Make Up Brushes

If you are a make-up beginner or if you look like a clown whenever you try to do your make-up, it might be a good idea to read this blog. I’m going to post Make-up 101’s now and then, to enlighten you about the magical world of face painting. I am not a pro, but I have learned along the way and I want to share my knowledge with you. In this post, we are going to discuss some make-up brushes and what you use them for.

You can have the best products in the world, but if your tool sucks, your look will suck. That is just the way it is. Now brushes do not have to be super expensive. A site such as Zoeva has great quality brushes for good prices. So invest, darlings.

Now, on to explaining the mystery of brushes

Make Up 101: The Ultimate Guide to Make Up Brushes

The above brushes are all used on your face. “Doh” I hear you say. Where else would you be using make-up brushes? Well, I don’t know. There are a lot of weird people out there. Anyway. From top to bottom.

Angled Brush: The angled brush is great for shaping and bringing out those Kardashianesque features in you. I use it to apply bronzer, but using it to apply blush on the cheekbones is also easy with this one.

Tapered Highlighter brush: “Ah!” I hear you say, “This is for highlighting!” Ten points to you, my friend. Indeed, you can use this beauty to highlight your face and get that awesome glow with powder. I personally use it for blush as well, but I am a rule-breaker after all.

Flat Kabuki brush: This is to apply liquid or cream foundation and it works like a charm. I prefer using this one to apply liquid foundation evenly and fabulously.

Large Powder brush: I use this one to apply transparant powder all over the face, for an even application. I use it by swiping it across my face in circles. It is so fluffy that you might die. Just a warning.

Make Up 101: The Ultimate Guide to Make Up Brushes

Eye shading brush: This is used to apply eyeshadow on your moving eyelid. I do not have to explain what that is because unless you are super freaky, only that part of your lid will move. I prefer using tapping motions to apply eyeshadow.

Tapered blending brush: This is ideal to blend eyeshadow in your crease (the part between your moving eyelid and browbone). Lighty swipe it across the crease to create more depth.

Normal blending brush: This is used to blend all shadows together more precisely and create a nice flow.

Angled eyeshadow brush: You use this if you want to reach those pesky corners or want to apply eyeshadow from corner to crease in a more accurate manner.

Concealer brush: Surprise surprise, this is used to apply concealer. I use this to apply it to my face, but always use my fingers or a sponge to tap the concealer into place.

Pencil brush: If you want to add a little more detail to your eyelook or want to have more control over the amount of eyeshadow you’re applying, this is the brush for you.

There are plenty more brushes out there, but I think this is a good base set to start with. I really like the Real Techniques starter kits in case you want to start your collection and have no idea where to start. Hope this was of some use to you!




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