Review: Relaxing Pillow Spray

Review: Treets Relaxing Pillow Spray

Because I am one of those people who worry all the  time, I sometimes have trouble falling asleep. Which is not cool, especially when you have to wake up flawless the next day. Hence why I decided to try out relaxing pillow spray with the soothing smell of Lavender. Perhaps this would take me to the magic dreamlands.

Review: Relaxing Pillow Spray

Review: Relaxing Pillow Spray

Review: Relaxing Pillow Spray

For the past week, I sprayed 3 times on my pillow every single night. Immediately after, I attempted to go to sleep. Does it work? While it doesn’t make you fall asleep right away, I do have the feeling that I sleep better and also deeper, which means I am not as tired as I used to be during the day. It smells lovely and because the bottle is 300ml, you can use this for quite some time. If you have trouble sleeping, this is definitely worth a try.

You can buy the Treets Relaxing Pillow Spray over here.



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