Book Review: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Book Review: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Because I have too much time on my hands at the moment, I also have a lot of time to read books. Finally I get to delve into the stories that have been waiting for me for so long. Because I know most of you very much enjoy reading, I will post reviews and thoughts of all the books that I will read this Summer. I already discussed Red Queen/Glass Sword and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and today I will discuss Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell.

As I am a huge fangirl of many different things, the title of the book spoke to me on a spiritual level. I was very excited to start reading this book for that very reason, because well, Fangirls rejoice! The story is about twins Cath(er) and Wren, who go to college for the first time ever. While Wren wants to go out and party and do what college girls do, Cath wants to stick to what she knows and face the college adventure together with her sister, who is not too fond of that idea.

Simon Snow

So Cath locks herself up in her room where she writes Simon Snow fanfiction (basically the Harry Potter of this world) as she is a huge fan of the series. She becomes friends with her roommate Reagan, despite both girls not being too eager initially and has to deal with Reagan’s ex-boyfriend Levi, who hangs out at their room all the time. Without giving any spoilers, Cath and her sister have to deal with growing up, the fear of losing the people they love and falling in love and all the confusion that brings along.

It was a beautiful book in many ways as it did make me feel like a teenager again along with all the feelings and angst and emotions. I mostly identified with Cath as I too prefer to sit in my room and write instead of going out to party. To some that may be boring, but I was glad that a character who I identify with in so many ways is still so very interesting. But Cath wasn’t the only character that was well-thought out. Basically all the most important characters were three-dimensional, having their own motivation to do what they do and to be who they are.


I know what you’re thinking now: “Ingrid, that is pretty much what should be the case when you’re reading a good book.” I know, my dears, but unfortunately I have read plenty of books where supporting characters are a bit dull and only serve to move the story forward, which is not the case here! I even managed to fall in love with one of the characters as I loved that the book included tiny parts of the fanfiction that Cath wrote, in order to compliment the chapters and the events that took place.

It was a very nice touch and it gave insight in what Cath was working on. The thing that I appreciated the most about the portrayal of Cath as a fangirl, was that it was done so delicately. She is not portrayed as some crazy chick who is a fan but it is, indeed, a large part of her life and for those of us who have spent so much time in fandoms, it is very much relatable.

Is it a book about being a fan? No it’s not. While it is a large part of Cath’s identity, it is not the main focus of the story. It is a coming-of-age tale but one that is very touching and well-written. It is the perfect summer read, so if you are still looking for a book to get lost in, this is a good choice!




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