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Book Review: Station Eleven

I was in London a few months ago and as always I ran to Waterstones to pick up some books to read. I prefer reading in English as opposed to Dutch, because I do not like translations. As I was looking around, the store clerk came up to me and put a book in my hands. It was a book with a white cover and a deer on it. Station Eleven it read. “If you want to read something good, I suggest you read that one.” I decided to listen to him and bought the book. “If it isn’t any good, I know where to find you,” I said jokingly. It wasn’t necessary. The clerk was right. This was a book that was very much out of the ordinary.

Station Eleven review

I am not one of those people who think the world is going to collapse any time soon. I was thoroughly disappointed in 2012, when we all made it to Christmas alive and well. Thanks for the anti-climax, Mayas! Having said that, it is not impossible that society as we know it could collapse. I mean, we’ve all had a moment of “Please don’t let ebola come to my side of the world okay thanks bye.” But what if a deadly virus does take out most of society? What if only few of us survive in a world in which nothing but the memory of technology exists? It is an interesting thought and one that it dealt with in Station Eleven.

Initially the story follows a couple of different storylines. At times I thought “Okay, cool but what does this have to do with anything?” In the end, every single storyline came together to form the perfect ending. “It all makes sense now!” I said to myself. It is a novel that is not action-packed although the excellent writing do make you sit on the edge of your seat at times. It are the psychological effects, the constant wondering what happens next and the mystery that make you keep reading. The story is refreshing, especially in a society which values stories that are following trends (vampires, bondage anyone?) more than stories which bring us depth.

Station Eleven is a great tale for those who love mystery and wonder what will become of us when all else collapses.



Article written by Ingrid

Ingrid is the twenty-something owner of The Sassologist, who loves everything that has to do with pop culture. While she is one of many who is in the process of writing a novel, she is also currently in denial over not being a witch. Her Hogwarts letter has yet to arrive. In the meantime she writes about pop culture and dreams about unicorns.

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