The hashtag # Bookishwish is lovingly taking over Twitter

# Bookishwish is lovingly taking over Twitter

Sometimes, the Internet is a horrible place where bad things happen to nice people. But right now, if you’re on Twitter, the Internet is the best place. Especially if you love books. And hey, who doesn’t love books? Twitter is the best place right now because of one hashtag: bookishwish. If you’re unfamiliar with this or are hardly ever on Twitter, we’re here to give you all the details.

Pirating books is bad, yo

Seriously. Don’t do it. Don’t ever do it. Do. Not. Download. Books. If you download an illegal copy, writers don’t get paid. If you download an illegal copy, publishers won’t have a sell. And if publishers don’t sell books and authors don’t get paid, authors will stop writing and publishers will stop publishing. That way, your favorite author might never get his/her new book published. Or the sequel you were waiting for, will never find its way to your bookshelves.

Adam Silvera

How’s this related to #bookishwish you ask? Well, a couple of weeks ago some authors took to Twitter to address this issue. At the front of the line was Adam Silvera (They Both Die At The End; History Is All You Left Me) who had some harsh words for people who pirate books. Being poor is never a reason to pirate books. Here are some of his tweets concerning this issue:

Fast forward to now

I tried to pinpoint where #bookishwish started and I think the lovely Julianne Daly is our books hero. She started of this great trend with these two tweets:

And things really, REALLY took off from there. It’s been two days (not even two full days) and the hashtag is everywhere. All the book communities on Twitter are picking this up. There are even hashtags for a specific country, like #bookishwishnl is you’re looking for a Dutch book. So please send all your love to Julianne for this amazing initiative.

So… what IS #bookishwish?

All over Twitter, people are sharing the books they want and the books they want to sent out. Some people only wish for one book, some people have bookish wish lists of over twenty books and others are just happy to receive a random book. It’s all about giving really, #bookishwish. It’s about making other booklovers happy.

And you can help! You can scroll through Twitter and see if anybody wants a book that’s just collecting dust on your shelves. Or you can even make a Tweet saying that you’ll be giving away one/two/threehundred books. It’s all up to you. You can choose to give your own books as a gift, or to use Amazon/The Book Depository. The latter ships for FREE almost everywhere in the world, so that is a seriously cool option.

Just… let’s keep it cool guys. No begging for books. So harassing people if they choose somebody else. No nagging about things like ‘it’s taking forever for my book to get here’. Stay positive. Help each other out. Retweet, reply, like. Let’s spread the book love these next couple of days/weeks/months!

What’s your #Bookishwish?

Ingrid already took to Twitter to give away a book:

And I want to join too!

So, leave a comment under this post with your bookish wish. I will randomly select one person to receive one book of his/her choice! There’s just two small ‘rules’: the Bookdepository must be able to ship to your country (as that’s the method I’ll use) and I will pick the edition (pocket/hardcover/SE).

You’ll have one week to comment; I will randomly select somebody next weekend (August 11/12).



Article written by Nora

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  1. Do Reply

    I really like the concept of bookish wish! I bought two books for someone and it makes me so happy to make someone else happy 💕 on my wishlist are Girl Made of Stars and Anger is a Gift!


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