Fairyloot Box January 2018 Unboxing: Talk Faerie To Me

Fairyloot Box January Unboxing: Talk Faerie To Me

I love stories about Faeries. Well, to be honest, I’ve read the A Court of Thorns and Roses series and while the story had some flaws, generally I loved it. Faeries are the new thing right now and when I read that Fairyloot was doing a Faerie theme, I immediately ordered a box. I was aware that it would include the book The Cruel Prince by Holly Black. As it received raving reviews, I was excited to get the Fairyloot box in the mail and unbox it.

It arrived today and I decided to share the contents with you.

Fairyloot Box January 2018 Unboxing: Talk Faerie To Me

The first item I found in the box was this candle. It is based on a character of Holly Black’s novel. I always love these candles as they typically are scents you cannot purchase in normal shops. While this candle has a scent that took me some time getting used to, I actually did really like it.

Fairyloot Box January 2018 Unboxing: Talk Faerie To Me

The box also included a couple of prints with gorgeous artwork. On the back of the quote print there is artwork (although I am not quite sure who it is supposed to be) and on the back of the Fae woman print is also a quote. I am not yet familiar with these characters (apparently two are in the Throne of Glass series which I am currently reading), but I like the quotes a lot. Furthermore, the box included a colouring book including all sorts of mythical creatures from the unicorn to the basilisk. Who knows! I might decide to pick up colouring again.

Fairyloot Box January 2018 Unboxing: Talk Faerie To Me

These items I loved the most. On the left is a pillowcase with a quote from the A Court of Wings and Ruin. While reading the book I really adored that quote. I am going to find a pillow so that I can actually use it. Not included were the ACOTAR books, but look at the bookmarks! Aren’t they the cutest? And they portray my darling Rhysand and Feyre. Adorable.

Fairyloot Box January 2018 Unboxing: Talk Faerie To Me

The main item from the box is of course the actual book. As always it was packaged in a nice pouch which makes sure the book remains pretty. The Fairyloot box always contains a hardcover book. Furthermore, this box included a signed bookplate and a note from the author. A lip balm was also included in the box but I found it after I put my camera away.

I am really excited to start reading the book and a review will surely follow very soon! I have also ordered February’s Fairyloot box, so keep your eyes out for an unboxing of that one as well.



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