Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Script - Review

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Script – Review

Yesterday I finished reading Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and while I am a big Harry Potter fan, I wasn’t so excited for the book. I already read spoilers online and what I’ve read made me think “What the hell is this shit?” But I figured I had to read it for myself to be able to properly judge because, well online summaries are different than actual writing. I read the book and I am sad to say that I really wondered what the hell I was reading. And I will tell you why.

First off, I realise that when you actually see this as a play in the theatre, it will be different than just reading the story because then you have all the special effects and the whole atmosphere is different. But I feel that a strong story does translate in script form as well and even though it pains me to say it, I think Cursed Child is not a strong story. I will not provide a short summary so only read this if you’ve read the book or seen the play so that it makes sense.

Scorpius and Draco

Let’s start with the positives, because of course there are positive aspects. I did enjoy reading about Scorpius. I liked him as a character and I liked the idea that Draco produced a nice kid who is so much different from himself when he was a young boy. He was quite funny and moving, and I did enjoy reading about the friendship between him and Albus Potter. Makes you wonder what would have happened if Draco and Harry had tied the knot of friendship back in their day.

I liked Draco as a character as well, because it’s good to see that he is not the asshole he used to be although a bit sad that he lost the woman he loved. Life has been a bitch to that man. Also, Hermione is Minister for Magic. You go girl! I still think Hermione is one of the best female characters written.

The Harry Potter Legacy

But that is basically where it all stopped. The Cursed Child is in my opinion no worthy continuation of the Harry Potter legacy. First off, because the whole Time Turner thing and changing time business is not canon. That is not how it was described in the Prisoner of Azkaban because while you could go back in time, you could not change it. Now, all the actions do have extreme circumstances, even resulting in some characters being wiped from existence. But that is not the problem I have with this story.

The thing that annoyed me most was the character assassination. Mainly that of Ron Weasley. While I think the films didn’t do Ron justice, I think Ron is a great character in the books. Very flawed but he was a great friend who was helpful and genuinely funny. Now it seems that Ron is just there for comic relief and he fails miserably at that. Whereas initially it was said that Ron became an auror after Hogwarts, now he helps George with the joke shop and has turned into a joke himself. He contributes nothing to the story and that angered me.

Bitter old man

Harry has turned into an old bitter man who tells his son he wishes that he weren’t his son. Which I think book Harry would never though, despite his temper. He knows what it is like to feel unloved. Ginny is just a housewife in this story who serves to tell Harry off for being a dick instead of being a badass. But the thing I could not wrap my head around was the fact that they made Cedric a Death Eater in the alternate reality just because he was humiliated during the Triwizard Tournament. No offense, but Cedric was a very kind character who was just and loyal, as a Hufflepuff should be. I do not believe for one second that something as silly as ‘humiliation’ would turn him to the dark side.

Then there is the whole point of Voldemort having a daughter with Bellatrix. Really? Imagine Voldy, who is worried about Harry destroying his horcruxes, sit in the lounge at Malfoy Manor one day, thinking it is an excellent time to get it on with Bella? Can you imagine Voldemort climaxing? Can you imaging Voldemort even being capable of such a human thing to do? I repeat, can you imagine Voldemort climaxing? Neither can I. And yes I get that you might think Voldy wanted a heir to his throne, but this is a man who believed he was immortal. Why would he even need an heir if he was going to live forever anyway? It makes zero sense.

Platform 9 3/4

For me, the main story ended nineteen years ago on King’s Cross Platform 9 3/4. The additional stories on Pottermore were nice but for me the Cursed Child as a story is not canon. But who knows. Maybe if I will ever see the play, it’ll blow my mind and I’ll be able to accept the flaws. Until then, I will stick to loving the books and films.



Article written by Ingrid

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