Help us get 300 likes on Facebook and WIN!

Help us get 300 likes on Facebook and WIN!

It’s time for something fun and exciting here at The Sassologist! We are rapidly growing and attracting a larger audience. Maybe you’ve already noticed, but since this year we are placing new content each day. We love to supply you with reviews on books, films, comics and games, as well as background stories. And we love that you read them every day! But besides our website, we are also active on social media. And to gather more followers, we are going to do a HUGE giveaway once we reach 300 likes on Facebook.

Like us on Facebook

THe Sassologist Facebook Page like us and WIN

Let’s be honest: we are not a very big deal on Facebook at the moment. And we want to change that. And what better way to do that than with a nice giveaway. We’re not talking one book, like we did earlier this year. We’re talking a stack of goodies. Let’s call it The Sassologist Popculturebox. There’ll be books (plural), goodies and wannahaves. Like a Fairyloot or Owlcrate box, but a one time deal and just for one lucky winner. This competition will be open worldwide.

But, to do this, we’re going to need AT LEAST 300 likes. And that’s where you come in. Go to our Facebook page now and give us a like. And not just that: please invite all your popculture loving friends to like us. Invite all booklovers, all moviegoers, all gamers and all comic readers to like our page. Because we might just do another giveaway at 500 likes. So let your friends invite their friends, who’ll invite their friends, who’ll let their friends know, and soon even Mark Zuckerburg will give us a like.

Defy the Facebook algorithm

Facebook algorithm 2018 Sassologist page

Facebook is always changing. Just this year, they’ve announced a new algorithm. Basically, it’ll start showing more updates of your friends, family and loved ones above all else. And we’re cheering this on, because those people are the most important! We ourselves hate it when our walls our flooded with people we hardly know. Who really cares about the cousin of your brother’s neighour, right?

This new algorithm can be a buzzkill for companies and sites like ours. And we also want to stay in your feed! That way, you’ll stay updated on all our posts as soon as possible. And, you’ll know when we’ll do our 300 likes (and 500 likes!) giveaways! We always make a Facebook update when a new article is online.

So, check out the image to the left. When you’ve liked our Facebook page, go to the dropdown menu and select ‘See first’. That way, we will stay on your wall. Thank you! We pinky promise we don’t spam and only update our feed when we have something new to share with you.

If you’re a massive Sassologist fan, you can even turn on notifications. We totally get that’s a bit much. But please, click on ‘See first’ because we really want to stay on your feed, together with your friends and family. Because we’re your friends too!

We’re also on Instagram

Instagram Sassologist Facebook giveaway

As we’re all big social media users, we obviously also have a Instagram page. There’s no upcoming giveaway there, but we might just do one in the future, who knows! We’ll let you know for sure. And if we do a giveaway on Instagram, we’ll be sure to announce it on Facebook as well. So that’s another reason to give our Facebook page a like.Sassologist Instagram Feed

Our Instagram features all our updates as well, but just in picture format. It’s nice to scroll through and see what we wrote about. So colourfull!

If you want to follow any of us personally, go to our contact page for all the Instagram and Twitter links.

And as a last note: we LOVE it when you comment on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Feel free to share any update on your own feed. If you want to help us get to 300 likes, maybe even click the share button for this particular article… Thank you! We’ll let you know as soon as we reach 300 likes so we can do our AMAZING giveaway, with a Sassologist Goodiebox filled with popculture items. Honestly, there’s no reason not to like us. Go and tell your friends!



Article written by Nora

Nora would like more time in a day to watch more tv-series & films, write more stories and read more books. Instead, she tries to combine working fulltime and being a wife, mom & friend with sponging up as much popculture in her life as one possibly can. Trigger words for her include, but are not limited to: Gaiman, Rowling, Riordan, Rowell, Star Wars, Marvel, Batman, Bucky, Netflix & Disney. On all Social Media she's known as nosinne.

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    Good luck with reaching 300 likes on Facebook, I’ve shared the post! I really like your blog, so hopefully you’ll reach it soon!

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