How I’m trying to get rid off my TBR pile

How I’m trying to get rid of my TBR pile

2018 has only just started and already I’ve decided that this is the year going to reduce my To Be Read (TBR) pile of too many books…. I updated my goal list on Goodreads that I want to read 25 books this year and that means I will have to finish a book every 2 weeks. Not quite sure if this is going to happen, but at least that goal is set in place for myself.

However, how do you pick what books to read and how to manage the ever growing pile and yes, it is still growing, because I’m not a responsible adult who should really cancel her two book subscriptions, because… Well I want them. Hence why my TBR pile will increase with 2 books every month.

Sort your Shelves

Currently I have far too many books in my TBR pile, however I have started to sort them into shelves for 3 categories:

  • Really want to read (mostly Fantasy YA books)
  • If I fancy something completely different from my Fantasy YA books
  • Maybe if I have enough time

This way I don’t feel so overwhelmed with seeing many shelves with unread books. Now it’s just 2 shelves of books I really want to finish this year.

New Books vs those you’ve had for years

Like I said, I will be getting 2 new books every month, but I promised myself I won’t be buying any new books this year with the exception of the new books by Sarah J. Maas (she is my favourite writer) and the book that Christie Golden is writing for the new Warcraft expansion. This way I can decrease my TBR pile slowly. I know that some of the books from the subscription boxes won’t be my cup of tea, which is fine. They can go on my ‘If I fancy something completely different from my Fantasy YA books’ shelf.

How I’m trying to get rid off my TBR pile

Where to start?

So you have the shelf with books you really want to read this year…. But which one do you pick up first? Or second? Even choices like these can give some of us massive anxiety which could lead to not wanting to read at all. Why not let ‘fate’ decide. Now you can do it the old fashioned way of closing your eyes and just grabbing something, but why not make a TBR jar. Click here to get some ideas for TBR jars.

Or make a TBR Challenge jar. it’s the same idea, but instead of putting titles into the book jar, it will be little notes with challenges like:

  • Read a book with 500+ pages
  • Read a book that someone else picked
  • Read a new-to-you author
  • Read an award winning novel
  • Read a series in 1 go
  • Read a book you choose because of the cover

50 pages rule

If a book doesn’t capture my interest by page 50 I will stop reading it. It won’t be worth my time if it takes this long for a book to actually become interesting. If ever in the future I feel I have some extra time, I can always pick it up again. I stopped feeling guilty about not finishing books. I think it’s important to realise that some books, however popular they may be with others, might simply not be for me. And that’s fine. Everyone is different and I don’t feel guilty for not liking pineapple pizza while others do.

How I’m trying to get rid off my TBR pile

Outgrown books

Now there have been books on my shelves that I’ve had in my possession ever since I moved from Holland to the UK….. we are talking a decade ago now. Some of these books still seem like something I might be reading soon, while others, mostly the ones that are written in Dutch, just don’t appeal to me any longer. Again, I’ve aged and so has my taste in books. I will probably try and read them if I feel the need for some Dutch books, but I can’t see that happening any time soon.

Make some time

As silly as this sounds it’s all about actually devoting some of your time to the things you want to achieve. I know that if I use my lunch breaks and go to bed 1 hour earlier, I can actually use that time to read my books. And I actually enjoy it. Normally I’d probably be behind my pc or be on my phone, but every time I spend some time with a book instead, I notice how happy it makes me feel. So why wouldn’t I put that time aside for it?

Have you cleared out your TBR list recently?



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