March FairyLoot: Memorable Moments

March FairyLoot: Memorable Moments

The other book box I received this month (next to March Owlcrate) is by FairyLoot and it promised to be an extra special one since they are celebrating their two year anniversary. The crate was purple this time around and was said to have a lot of items. The theme: Memorable Moments. Let’s take a look at what was in the March Fairyloot.


This box also contained a scarf, must be the time of year for it. The scarf is inspired by the rune ceremonies in The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare. it’s made of a thin material and I could easily see me wear this when the weather becomes a bit milder. For now I will stick to my woolly scarves.

We also received something that was quite different: Cork Bunting. You hang this on your shelves or desk and you can add your favourite badges, photos or artwork on the cork display. They suggest you can also paint the cork to match your décor, so who knows, I might have to start getting creative again. Though I’m actually thinking of either using it for all my badges or to display my subscribers on the Twitch channel that I have.

March FairyLoot: Memorable Moments

Another box, another candle. There’s an exclusive Goblet of Fire Candle by Paper Flames Candle co. It smells really nice of fresh bread and chocolate. That’s a scent I haven’t had before in a candle.

The last items are ‘Toast to the Warden of the North Hot Chocolate’ and an ‘Exclusive Bilbo’s Birthday Cake Vegan Soap’. I will have to try both of these out soon. It’s nice to see that they are keeping in mind that some readers might be vegan. Of course we received another bookmark and a button.

March FairyLoot: Memorable Moments

The Book

Now for the book. I was happy to see that the book finally was different from the one that OwlCrate featured. State of Sorrow by Melinda Salisbury is filled with political intrigue, magic, mystery and a cut-throat race for power. I will be looking forward to reading it and perhaps reviewing it for The Sassologist.

March FairyLoot: Memorable Moments

March FairyLoot: Final Verdict

Another great book box from FairyLoot. I will be sticking with them for now. Even if I do feel that I should be cutting back on throwing money at these boxes. Next months theme is Whimsical Journeys. It will feature items inspired by Narnia, Fantastic Beasts and where to find them, The Hobbit, The Darkest Minds and Percy Jackson. The book is going to be a fantastic story filled with Norse and Celtic Mythology. I wonder which book it will be.

Do you have any idea?



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