All of our Sassy Updates of 2017!

We love to keep you updated on all things popculture. We read as many books and comics as we can, see as many films as possible, game the night away and bingewatch everything on television. That resulted in a lot of new content for 2017. There were reviews, special features and top 5/top10 lists. We wrote opinion pieces, funny stories and news updates. And let’s not forget our very first Horrortober month. All in all, there were a lot of sassy updates here!

So, since we love lists at the end of the old year/beginning of the new year, here are our 2017 features, in listform. We hope to keep you updated in 2018 with even more original content. Thank you for reading and following The Sassologist!

These were the books & comics we read

We also saw many films…

…and a lot of television

With a lot about  American Gods

And on Game of Thrones

But we also wrote about gaming

Special features? We had it covered!

We love us some top lists

Potterheads United

There were events we visited

And ofcourse there was Music

These popculture girls rocked our world

We celebrated Horrortober!

Ingrid’s Short Stories

And there were some personal posts

Finally: special end of the year posts & lists



Article written by Nora

Nora would like more time in a day to watch more tv-series & films, write more stories and read more books. Instead, she tries to combine working fulltime and being a wife, mom & friend with sponging up as much popculture in her life as one possibly can. Trigger words for her include, but are not limited to: Gaiman, Rowling, Riordan, Rowell, Star Wars, Marvel, Batman, Bucky, Netflix & Disney. On all Social Media she's known as nosinne.

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