Zavvi Threads box unboxing

Threads box review (+ Give away)

There are a few things I have a lot of; DVDs, (comic)books and t-shirts. I know there are a lot of mystery boxes out there where you spend a certain amount of money to get certain amount of mystery items. They usually revolve around a theme. My co-writer Ingrid recently posted a video about her FairyLoot unboxing! Usually I am put off by these type of boxes, because most of the time, they require you to subscribe. Also, you often need a credit card, which I don’t have.

To my surprise, I stumbled upon a British company that had an offer on their previous Threads boxes; buy one, get one free. No need for a subscription. Normally a box would be 11,99 euros.

What is a threads box?

It’s two of my favourite things combined; a T-shirt and a (comic)book. For the low price of about 24 euros, I got 4 shirts and 4 books. Recently my shirts have been getting too large on me thanks to some weight loss. Some have holes in them too. Adding four nerdy shirts to my collection was a welcome possibility.

Pictured below are the boxes when they arrived. It took about a week after ordering for them to arrive.

As you can see, they look pretty nifty. I was pleasantly surprised with the contents. The shirts look cool and they feel nice. Most importantly, they fit really well. Unfortunately, I accidentally ordered two 4xl and two 3 XL, instead of 4 3XLs.

Zavvi Threads box unboxing


I actually liked these boxes, and no, this isn’t sponsored content. The T-shirts look cool and they fit well and I love the addition of books. Because the site shows you the content of previous boxes, you know what to expect when you order one. Added bonus: the promotion is still running, so you too can get some great shirts and books for a cheap price. They have both men and women shirts, so that’s nice as well!

In my boxes I got two of the same books. I’m guessing this is because they ran out of the book I was supposed to get, because one of the duplicates came with two extra comic books (which I don’t mind at all!). This still means I got the same book twice though: Armada, by Ernest Cline. So let’s have another giveaway!

First off, I’m opening this giveaway only for readers who live in the Netherlands. The postage would kill me if I have to send abroad. To enter this giveaway is simple: Post in your comment in which fictional universe you would want to live and why?



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