Top 10 Tuesday: Series I’ve Given Up On

Tuesday has come around and for this weeks Top 10 Tuesday we are looking at series that I’ve given up on or that I might finish some day. of course this wonderful topic has been created by That Artsy Reader Girl.

So I will split this one into two and have 5 series that I will never finish and 5 that I might finish… some day… hopefully.

So which are the book series I will never finish?

Top 10 Tuesday: Series I've Given Up On

1. Robin Hobb – The Tawny Man Trilogy

I know a lot of fantasy lovers adore Robin Hobb, but I just don’t like her way of writing. I’ll be honest, the books are also slightly tainted for me due to them being liked so much by two of my exes. I have the first book, but after a few chapters I gave up on these and I don’t feel a desire to pick them up again. I might start a different series by her; the Soldier Son trilogy to see if that will be more to my liking. If that one doesn’t catch me then Robin Hobb is just not my writer.

Top 10 Tuesday: Series I've Given Up On

2. Rachel Hawkins – Rebel Belle series

The start of the book was alright, I liked the concept that a pretty, girly girl was actually a bad ass paladin against her will. Then I realised I only liked that concept, because it reminded me of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but unlike Buffy this main character is just so annoying! I didn’t feel like I wanted to read what would happen to the main character in the following book at all. So I am happy not to continue this series.

Top 10 Tuesday: Series I've Given Up On

3. Christoper Paolini – Eragon series

This book was so hyped, dare I say ‘Overhyped’. It just didn’t live up for me. It was not too bad in the beginning and I quite liked the bond between the boy and his dragon…. Then elves came into it and I lost all interest. I bought the second part of the series, but right now I doubt I will ever read it.

Top 10 Tuesday: Series I've Given Up On

4. Michelle Krys – The Witch Hunter series

Seriously, don’t bother with this series. I read the entire book, because I somehow always feel guilty for not reading a book completely at least. I regret doing that with this one. The main character in the book was so awful, I just wanted to slap her across the face to get some sense into her. Weak story, weak characters.

Top 10 Tuesday: Series I've Given Up On

5. Weis & Hickmann – The Death Gate Cycle

I loved the DragonLance books, so I hoped that this series would grip me just as much. Where I really felt part of a DnD setting with the DragonLance series, I just felt confused with the Death Gate cycle. Now fair enough, I might have been a bit young when I started reading this and I did enjoy the first book, but I didn’t understand anything from the second one. And it has completely put me off reading the series. Which is a shame because I have them all….. Who knows, if I ever run out of books to read, maybe, but lets face it, my TBR-pile is massive so I think this will never happen.


Now these are the books I might pick up again some day. It’s not because I dislike the characters… more that it just didn’t grab me immediately with most of them.

Top 10 Tuesday: Series I've Given Up On

6. Terry Goodkind – The Sword of Truth

it’s one of those series that just didn’t do anything from the start. I think I only made it into 50 pages in, before I started to get super annoyed by the characters and just didn’t feel like I could sit through many more books to read the entire story. However, like with the Death Gate series, I was a bit younger. Perhaps now that I’ve read a bit more, I might actually appreciate these books more. But, Terry Goodkind supposedly is an ass.

Top 10 Tuesday: Series I've Given Up On

7. Terry Brooks – The Sword of Shannara

Again, one of those books that just didn’t grab me immediately. I started to realise more and more that high fantasy novels might just not be for me. Or at least not in the way they were written. It’s hard to explain, but I guess it’s like comparing it to people. With some you mesh and others, however nice they might be, you don’t go out of your way to meet up with them… or you just never pick up the phone when you see their caller id pop up. Again, maybe now that I’m a bit older, I will actually enjoy it. I guess having a series on Netflix about it might also help to get me more into the world. We shall see.

Top 10 Tuesday: Series I've Given Up On

8. Laurell K Hamilton – The Anita Blake series

I have a love/hate relationship with these books. I adored the first books, and I loved the concept of the world the writer created. I loved the monsters and I loved the main character, but after several books, the story seemed to mean less and the S&M part in the books seemed more important. This ruined it for me. I am by no means a prude, but I hate it when I’m basically reading another 50 shades when I know the writer can do so much better. I have heard from others that the series does pick up again so I will just have to persevere perhaps.

Top 10 Tuesday: Series I've Given Up On

9. Lauren Kate – Fallen series

I actually liked the first book and I immediately started the second book. However, that book didn’t grab me instantly. I have put it to the side but I do want to see if it does get better.

Top 10 Tuesday: Series I've Given Up On

10. Meredith Anne Pierce – The Fire bringer trilogy

First time I saw the cover of this book I was hooked. Okay, I was young and I loved unicorns and this was actually a story about them. It was a really good series and after the first book I couldn’t wait for the second part to be released, which I also devoured. I bought the 3rd book…. At least 10 years ago and I’ve never finished it! I might actually start reading this one after summer.

So here you have it, five series I will never finish and five that might be picked up again.

Which series have you dropped completely? Or which one are you willing to give another go?



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