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Top Ten Tuesday: Best 2018 Books (so far)

Ah yes, we’re halfway through the year. And same as in December, that means lists. Although, June/July is mostly filled with thoughts about summer and vacation. So this might be the only halfway-through-the-year list we’ll do. But, it’s a fun one! These are the ten best 2018 books I’ve read so far, in random order. Oh, and while you’re here: why not take our Summertime Book Tag!

1. The Outsider – Stephen King

This is the last book I’ve read so far this year. It’s the latest Stephen King and damn, it was a page turner. The master has done it again. I’m a fan of Stephen King, but I haven’t read all his books. I’ve read Mr. Mercedes but not the other two books in the Bill Hodges trilogy. And while The Outsider isn’t an official sequel, it does have one character in common. So maybe I missed out a bit, but I still found this a very thrilling and original read. It’s a contemporary thriller with supernatural elements. Keep an eye out on my review, which will come soon.

2. History Is All You Left Me – Adam Silvera

2018 is the year I discovered the wickedly talented Adam Silvera. So far, I’ve read two of his novels, both of which are on this list. HIAYLM is a sad story about loss and grief so it’s not an easy read. Still, Silvera handles the subject so well. You can read my review here, which delves deeper into why this is such a good YA novel.

3. They Both Die At The End – Adam Silvera

Out of both Adam Silvera books I read this year, They Both Die At The End is my favorite. I went in without knowing a lot. Except, well, the title. Which is a big spoiler, yes. So I was curious why this book had this spoilery title. And the book made this list for a reason. I was blown away by it, it’s so great. Instead of a book about death/dying, this is a book about love and life. If you want to know why go ahead and read my review of it.

4. Language of Thorns – Leigh Bardugo

I don’t read a lot of short story collections, but when I do, I know which ones to pick. This is a collection of fairytales set in the world of Leigh Bardugo. And the best thing about this book, is that you can read it without having read the Grisha trilogy or the Crows duology. I went in only having read the Crows books. I have so much love for Bardugo and her writing style. And this book isn’t just great to read, it’s also sooooo pretty! It has the best cover and so many amazing illustrations. You can find my raving review here.

5, 6 & 7 The Grisha Trilogy – Leigh Bardugo

Top Ten Tuesday: Best 2018 Books (so far)

So, since I loved both the Crows books and the Language of Thorns, I obviously had to read the Grisha trilogy. I know, I am very late to the party. Most Bardugo-readers start with these books. And it’s the most logical, since these come first in the timeline. There’s a character who returns in the Crows books. Now, I didn’t know who he was. Well, that just gives me a great reason to go ahead and re-read two of my favorite books! I loved the Grisha books, which I didn’t expect, since the setting and blurb didn’t speak to me at all. I liked books one and three best, but all three books made it to my list. A review will follow along somewhere this summer.

8. Final Girls – Riley Sager

This was such a refreshing read. It was a thriller unlike any other. There’s no ‘detective with a gloomy past’. This is a book about what happens after those hour slasher films like Friday the 13th: a girl survives a massacre, but how will this affect her life? The Final Girls are three of those women, who each made it through their own nightmares. I recommend this to all thriller lovers. It’s new, exciting and a page turner. I can’t wait for Siger’s next book, which comes out later this year! For now, read my Final Girls review here.

9. The Power – Naomi Alderman

This wasn’t like any other books I read in 2018, or 2017 for that matter. It’s something completely different. It was a very weird book. I don’t think it’s the best written of these ten, but it does have the strongest message. Despite liking it a lot (it made this list for a reason), I don’t think I will write a review for it. So, let me redirect you to the Goodreads page for The Power.

10. The Burning Maze – Rick Riordan

There are a couple of auto-but authors for me. Neil Gaiman, Rainbow Rowell Leigh Bardugo and Rick Riordan. So I read The Burning Maze almost as soon as it hit the bookstores. It’s the third book in the Trials of Apollo series, so you can’t read this without first reading books one and two. And I like Riordan’s Heroes of Olympus much better. But still, The Burning Maze is the best book so far in the Apollo series. Want to know why? Go and read my review.



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