Top Ten Tuesday: Books Mash-Up

Another week, another Top Ten Tuesday! The TT is obviously courtesy of That Artsy Reader Girl. This week is all about putting books together: a books mash-up. I will put two books together to mash-up. This will be either because the stories would work well together or just because I want certain characters to meet. Oh, and since I’m putting two books together each pairing, I’m only doing a grand total of five mash-ups because that equals ten books in my world.

Books Mash-Up 1 & 2: Harry Potter <-> the Grisha Trilogy

Top Ten Tuesday: Books Mash-Up

I feel like these settings would work well together. There are the different Hogwarts houses and the different kinds of Grisha. All the characters could learn from each other. Maybe they could organise a Tri-Wizard-Grisha Tournament with cool (and not very deadly) challenges. These two worlds would work together so nicely, since they are both well thought off and both writers have done incredible work with their universes.

Books Mash-Up 3 & 4: Carry On <-> Shades of Magic trilogy

Top Ten Tuesday: Books Mash-Up

This is only so Baz and Kell could meet up. I think these two would work together very nicely. But also, the settings could mix together pretty good now that I’m thinking about it. Maybe Rhy and Simon could hit it off, or Lila and Penelope? Either way, I am loving this mash-up more and more. Luckily, I am only just in the second book of the Shades of Magic trilogy so there’s plenty more for me to read about. And, the Carry On sequel Wayward Son is also coming my way in the future so I’m not done with Baz and Simon as well. Good.

Books Mash-Up 5 & 6: Percy Jackson <-> The Hunger Games

Top Ten Tuesday: Books Mash-Up

The characters in these books are pretty much of the same age, and all of them have neat skills. Not counting the evil kids in the Hunger Games books or people like President Snow, I think Percy and his gang would get along nicely with Katniss & Co. It’s also fun to think about a completely other mash-up: having half-blood kids compete with each other in a brutal (but not as deadly as the Hunger Games!) setting. That would be something I’d read.

Books Mash-Up 7 & 8: Neverwhere <-> War of the Flowers

Top Ten Tuesday: Books Mash-Up

Both main characters get mixed up in a different world they didn’t know existed. So I think Richard Mayhew and Theo Vilmos could become BFF’s and tell each other all about the strange creatures they’ve encountered and how their lives have changed since. I really can’t say more without spoiling too much. But if you’re looking for fun standalone books with some fantasy in the mix, please read these.

Books Mash-Up 9 & 10: Otherland <-> Ready Player One

Top Ten Tuesday: Books Mash-Up

OK, this one is pretty obvious. Both books are about virtual reality. Both have poor protagonists who deserve better. And both have evil corporations who want bad things to happen to the (virtual) world. With the film adaptation just out for Ready Player One, I fell like this is a pretty popular book right now. It also helps that it’s a standalone. But if you loved that setting and if you like big books, you might want to try Otherworld by Tad Williams. I’m not kidding about these being big books: these are four massive books the size of a small house.





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