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VIDEO: Book Rant – Why YA-Authors should not use difficult names

You didn’t think it was possible, but I have finally made a new video! A book rant! I am incredibly proud that I managed to get off of my ass to actually film something, so I hope you will appreciate it.

In today’s video, I talk about the fact that many YA authors (or any science-fiction/fantasy author ever) use names that are barely pronounceable. This is very annoying, especially when you are trying to just read without having to think too much. Perhaps it is just me who feels this way. I just had to get it off of my chest. Hope you will enjoy this video!



Article written by Ingrid

Ingrid is the twenty-something owner of The Sassologist, who loves everything that has to do with pop culture. While she is one of many who is in the process of writing a novel, she is also currently in denial over not being a witch. Her Hogwarts letter has yet to arrive. In the meantime she writes about pop culture and dreams about unicorns.

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