Wayward Son Carry On Sequel Rainbow Rowell

Wayward Son: the Carry On Sequel was just announced

Holy crap my prayers have been answered, hallelujah! One of my all-time favorite writers, Rainbow Rowell, just announced the sequel to Carry On: Wayward Son. This news came out of the blue and besides the cover, nothing is actually known. But, there is much rejoicing on internet in the book community. This totally made my Sunday!

This will end in flames

There actually was no lead-up to this. There wasn’t any speculation. Rowell herself wasn’t speaking about in on social media. So the announcement of Wayward Son came as a surprise for basically everybody except Rowell herself, her publisher and the person who made the a-ma-zing artwork for the cover: the incredibly talented Kevin Wada. So, without further ado, here is the cover:

Wayward Son Carry On sequel Rainbow Rowell

I totally called it

Nah, just kidding. But I did happen to write about it recently. Just last week, with the ‘totally should have’ book tag, I answered the question ‘totally should have a sequel’ like this:

Although I really love standalone novels (they are much less of a hassle than a series of 5+ books), there are books I love so much they should have gotten a sequel. I would LOVE to read more about the Neverwhere world by Neil Gaiman. I also would really like a Carry On sequel by Rainbow Rowell. Or by that same author, a ‘ten years later’ with Eleanor and Park.

Carry On is one of the most fun books I’ve ever read. It has everything in it I like: great characters, a good plot, a brilliant setting and a ship to sail forever. Baz and Simon are The Best. And now, there’s a sequel coming for this amazing book. I am SOOOO EXCITED! As Rainbow Rowell just today dropped the cover, nothing is known about Wayward Son. Heck, the book isn’t even on Goodreads yet while I am writing this…

The bad news about Wayward Son

See the year just underneath the title? Yeah. 2020. So that means, we still have an agonizing TWO years to wait for Wayward Son. We have two years for more Baz and Simon. But in the meantime, at least we have Kevin Wada’s artwork. Just look at how grown-up Baz and Simon look! Look at Simon’s wings and tail. And the best of all is Baz’ look. His hair. His smirk. And THAT SUIT. I am shipping this book together with my bookcase without even knowing anything but the title. Where can I pre-order it?

I am leaving you with the (probable) inspiration for the title. Supernatural fans can sing this song from memory. I’m speaking of Carry On Wayward Son by Toto. See what Rainbow Rowell did there? I like it a lot. OK, and just because it’s so epic, beneath the YouTube video, another look at the cover for Wayward Son.


Wayward Son cover art artist Kevin Wada



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