Wildest Dreams Book Box April: Hocus Pocus

Wildest Dreams Book Box April: Hocus Pocus

One of the cheaper book boxes out there, I felt that the Book Box should be given one more subscription month to see if it would still deliver something good for that very cheap price (20 GBP). Fair to say, I wasn’t disappointed in the Wildest Dreams Book Box April.


So the theme for this month was Hocus Pocus. That of course, is very broad and I was hoping for a book that would fall into the fantasy genre this time around. When I saw the book and the goodies, it actually fits the theme quite well, most of it anyway.

Wildest Dreams Book Box April: Hocus Pocus


This month we received the following items:

Hubble Bubble bubblegum scented Bath bomb – A bubblegum scented bath bomb, made with moisturizing Shea butter and apricot kernel oil. Turn your bath blue and pink: no magic required. Ok I’m not going to lie, trying to fit this in with the theme is a bit far fetched. However, I do love bath bombs and I can’t wait to try this one out!

Witch’s Brew – Surprise Tea – You can actually get 2 different teas this month. Either you will receive Sweet Magic with edible stars or Very Cherry that leaves your tea blood red. I got the Very Cherry tea version and I will be interested to try it out. I’m hoping it will be very sweet.

Border Biscuits – with that tea we get some lovely biscuits. It’s shortbread, which I gave to my boyfriend. Not because I don’t like it, but because I said I wasn’t going to eat that many biscuits any more. He told me they were lovely.

Several other goodies – The book came with a signed book plate, an exclusive letter for the Wildest Dreams Subscribers, some postcards and a bookmark.

Wildest Dreams Book Box April: Hocus Pocus


The Book

I always love it when a company puts an extra layer of protection around their books. Fairy loot does it with a little bag, OwlCrate wraps it in plastic and Wildest Dreams packs the book in thick, brown paper. It’s almost like unwrapping a gift.

The book this month is The Witch’s Blood by Kate & Liz Corr. I have oogled the first book in this series before in Waterstones, but haven’t bought it just yet.

The Witch’s Blood is the third book in the series. Even though I find it a bit risky of a book box company to put a follow up book in their boxes, it’s not a bad book to get.

Now of course I will have to buy part 1 and 2 just so I can start reading this final book.

Goodreads’ synopsis:

Just who can you trust when no one around you is who they seem?

The final spell-binding book in THE WITCH’S KISS trilogy by authors and sisters, Katharine and Elizabeth Corr.

Life as a teenage witch just got harder for Merry when her brother, Leo is captured and taken into an alternative reality by evil witch Ronan. Determined to get him back, Merry needs to use blood magic to outwit her arch-rival and get Leo back. Merry is more powerful than ever now, but she is also more dangerous and within the coven, loyalties are split on her use of the magic. In trying to save Leo, Merry will have to confront evil from her past and present and risk the lives of everyone she’s ever loved. Given the chaos she’s created, just what will she sacrifice to make things right?


Wildest Dreams Book Box April: Hocus Pocus


I will say that for now this will be my last box from Wildest Dreams, not because I didn’t enjoy the box, it’s really great for the price you pay, but simply because I want to stick with one box for now and that spot is already filled by FairyLoot.

Speaking of FairyLoot, they are doing a great sweepstake at the moment:

Wildest Dreams Book Box April: Hocus Pocus
FairyLoot came up with something very exciting for the May ‘SAVE THE KINGDOM’ boxes: 
There will be a special chance to win an entire year of free FairyLoot boxes.

Within all of the May boxes that FairyLoot will ship out next month, their busy packing bees will randomly pack the following three unique tickets:

  1. The Golden Fairy Queen’s Dowrythis ticket will give you a year of free FairyLoot boxes
  2. The Silver Fairy Queen’s Dowrythis ticket will give you 6 months of free FairyLoot boxes
  3. The Bronze Fairy Queen’s Dowrythis ticket will give you 3 months of free FairyLoot boxes

Anyone who has a May box automatically participates in this raffle. And if you are one of the lucky winners and find a Fairy Queen’s Dowry ticket in your May box? Take a snap of it alongside your box and and send it to FairyLoot via their support form.

Some May ‘SAVE THE KINGDOM’ boxes*
are still available in their online store now!

…so if you haven’t ordered your May box yet, there is still the chance to do so!



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