Inspiring Artist: Josh Rossi

Last week I was mindlessly scrolling around the internet, as you do, when I came across one of the most beautiful photos I had seen in a while. The story? A father travelled around Europe in order to do a photoshoot with his daughter, who portrayed Belle (from Beauty and the Beast). The result was a stunning series of images, which led me to research this photographer and I was amazed by his work with his little girl.


Popculture Christmas Gifts

Gifts for Pop-Culture Loving Chicks Part 2

Christmas is still coming closer. In two weeks time, your significant other or best friend will pretend they attend your dinner party because they love being with you, but actually they are waiting to see which Christmas gifts you got them. The stakes are high because you do not want to spend another year hearing how you got *insert name* cosy socks because you thought it would be a nice gesture. Nope, nice gestures are for suckers and people who wish to commit social suicide. You want to be known as the best gift-giver known to men. You want everybody to scream how well you know them! Well do not fret, my child! I am here to help you. Today we will be discussing gifts for girls who love Dr. Who or Pokémon. Are you ready to catch all the admiration?


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them - The Original Screenplay

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them – The Original Screenplay

As you may have noticed, I’m quite obsessed with Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. I was heartbroken when my boyfriend told me he wanted to wait a week before seeing it (even though I have already seen it but once is not enough). Luckily the postman graced me with a visit and delivered the original screenplay, which I was very excited about. Now I’ve asked the book A Case full of Creatures for Christmas so if I do get that, I will of course show it to you. But today we will take a closer look at the screenplay to see if it’s worth buying. Accio book review!


Pokemon Card Game Art Collection Book

Pokémon Card Game Art Collection Book

I have always been into Pokémon, ever since it first aired on European television back in the day when I was seven years old. I played the games, I collected the cards and basically anything else that had to do with Pokémon. It wasn’t until last year that I downloaded the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online and actually started playing the trading card game myself. I once again started collecting cards and I still feel very excited every time I open a booster pack and discover a rare card.

I heard that they released a Pokemon Trading Card Game art book in Japan and it looked fantastic so when my friend went to Tokyo, I asked him to buy one for me because I truly am a sucker for art and throw some nostalgia in the mix and I am one happy girl. The book is a true collector’s item and is sold on Ebay for a much higher price than the actual price at the Pokemon Centers. So if you do have a friend who goes to Japan, or if you are lucky enough to go yourself, make sure to buy this. You have the option of buying it with a promo card or without. I bought mine with the promo card (which is basically the image on the cover of the book) and I also received card sleeves with the same image. In total I paid about 28 euros, which is not too bad.