George Romero RIP tribute

Master of the Living Dead – An ode to George Romero

Yesterday has been an up and down roller coaster for me. It was great because a new Doctor was revealed and I’m looking forward to her first season. It was sad because just before I went to bed I read…
Harry Potter 20th anniversary

The 20th of Anniversary of Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone

I woke up this morning and saw all these posts about the first Harry Potter book turning 20 today. It made me smile, but it also made me feel very old, but that is not really important, I guess. While I’m sitting here in my Potter pyjamas, writing this piece, the memories of all those Harry Potter years started coming back. Even after these twenty years, I still love the Harry Potter series very much. Some argue that I and many of my fellow Potterheads are too old to like it. But then again, who decides those things? Harry Potter has been a very big part of my life and has taught me so many things. To celebrate 20 years of Harry Potter, I wanted to write down what the series means to me. Most importantly, how it all started.




Two years ago, I wrote an article during my break at work. I had just returned from a trip to…
Dutch comic cons

Why people visit Comic Cons

A few years ago, I had zero notion of what a comic con was. I had heard about them, but I had also heard many prejudices. Comic cons were for nerds. If you wanted to be cool, you should never go to one. I did not have the chance to attend one until a few years ago Dutch Comic Con was organised. The first year I didn’t go, but after that I visited every year. And yes, while everybody who attended was a geek in some way, that wasn’t a bad thing. In fact, the whole con wasn’t as bad as these people made it seem. Every year I attend Dutch Comic Con now and every year it makes me happier. I thought about the reasons why it made me feel that way and decided to write them all down.


Personal Update

Personal update

Dear readers, Due to personal circumstances, there haven't been any posts in the past two days. I sincerely apologise and…