Having Boobs on the Internet: What is a ‘Boobie-Streamer’?

Ever heard this before: Girl gets (sexually) harassed, girl complains, people ask 'But what was she wearing?' Enough to make your blood boil, am I right? None of us would even dare to say that a girl asked for any…

We are the Youtube generation

When I was young, and I assume you as well, we idolised the people on our tv screens. It is how we became fans of traditional singers, actors and presenters. The internet was up and coming, but there was no wifi around. Geez, that makes me feel old. I work with teenagers every day, and the concept of traditional television is almost alien to them. It is not the stars on television that they worship. It are the self-made stars on Youtube whom they adore.


Why some fans must learn self-control

I can proudly say I’ve been part of fandoms throughout most of my teenage and adolescent years. I have seen many good things happen. I’ve formed friendships and been to places I would never go to otherwise. I’ve boosted my creativity and I’ve witnessed the same happening to other people. It doesn’t matter whether you are a fan of a singer or a book series or movies. Fandom can be a beautiful thing. It is mostly when we talk about fans of artists that we encounter a problem; lack of respect for said artist. The majority of fans are perfectly decent, but there are always some who ruin it for everybody. It’s time they learn to stop.


Voldemorticator Voldemort Trump

Tired of Trump? Try the Voldemorticator

While this blog tries to stay out of politics as much as we can, we can’t deny the existence of the Donald. Yes, at times we are still in denial and hope it is all a bad dream. Every single day our newsfeeds are filled with articles about whatever lame executive decision Trump made now and frankly, it gets tiring.

Many, including J.K Rowling herself, have compared Trump’s rise to power to Voldemort’s reign. Worse even. So it is not surprising that some clever people have taken the opportunity of creating a Google Chrome extension that changes Trump’s name to Voldemort’s. Naturally, I tried it out and I have to say the results were hilarious.