Phantom of the Opera Ben Forster

Phantom Of The Opera – Her Majesty’s Theatre London

A while ago, I wrote about my love for the Phantom of the Opera. I also mentioned that I would finally see the musical in London this Summer. Well, despite what Game of Thrones says, Summer is here and two days ago, I finally attended Her Majesty’s Theatre to finally witness the show live.

Right when we left the airport, we made our way to Piccadilly Circus. After a short walk, we found the theatre and joined the queue for day seats. These are seats sold on the day of the performance for the afternoon show. Usually these are really good seats for a very low price. However, by the time it was our turn, the day seats were gone. It did not matter as we wanted to see the show regardless. We managed to book two front row seats in the Grand Circle for the performance of Saturday. We still had two days to wait so the excitement began.