Why it's fun to collect Funko POPs

Why it’s fun to collect Funko POPs!

Anyone who is into films or series will have seen them; Funko POPs. The collectible figurines are iconic and you cannot visit a convention without these babies being sold. For a long time, I refused to buy them myself. I mean, they were just figurines. There is nothing you can do with them. However, when I visited my first convention, I decided to buy my first POP. While I haven’t collected as many as other people, my collection is steadily growing. I think POPs are a nice way to show your love for a series or film. Plus, they look insanely cute on every bookshelf. But for those of you who are not familiar with POPs, let’s take a closer look at them.

Every single character you can think of

The one thing that makes Funko POPs appealing to everyone is that they have such a wide range of characters. It doesn’t matter whether you love Marvel films or are a full-blown horror fan. Almost every popular series or film has their own Funko Pop line. I even spotted a Pop of Queen Elizabeth at DCC. So there is something for everyone’s needs.

Funko POPs come in a box which states the series or film they originate from and the name of the character. It also features the number of the figurine and an illustration of it.

Why it's fun to collect Funko POPs!

On the back of the box, you can find which other figurines are part of the series linked to this film. So for example, there are other Wonder Woman figurines, but they belong to the Justice League series.

Why it's fun to collect Funko POPs!

Many people keep their POPs in the boxes, either to make sure the figurines remain unharmed or because the figurines will increase in value. I don’t have any rare Funko Pops, so I take them out of the boxes and put them on display. I think it is much nicer to look at that way. But I can imagine that you would want to keep them in a box. I once had a Daenerys whose feet were swiftly removed by my puppy. I also had Voldemort, but he left the building and I haven’t found him since. So it is really up to you whether or not you want to keep them in a box. I doubt the regular ones will increase much in value.

Pop Up Close

Why it's fun to collect Funko POPs!

The thing I love about these POPs is that they look very detailed for such small figurines. All of the human POPs have a large head with black round eyes and a smaller body. Yet most of them are instantly recognizable. Some from the head alone, but others because of their bodies and accessories. I mean, I’m pretty sure you can all name these characters.

Why it's fun to collect Funko POPs!

Not only human characters get the POP treatment. Animals and creatures from famous films are also portrayed as POPs. I mean look at this adorable Porg. It’s head and body actually do match, and I find that with most animal POPs, the measurments are more lifelike. This Porg even has a bobble head. Isn’t that amazing?

Why it's fun to collect Funko POPs

And let’s just talk about the detail that goes into creating these POPs. I took a picture of the Harley Quinn I own. Everything is exactly the way it should be. They could have left out the tattoos, but they didn’t. I think it is amazing that they have such an eye for detail. Especially considering the small scale they have to work on. This is exactly what makes collecting these Funko POPs such a cool thing.

How many Funko POPs do you own? Which one is your favourite? Or are you planning to buy new Funkos? Let us know in the comments!




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