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Comic Review: Kim & Kim Vol. 1

Today, faithful readers and newcomers, we will venture into outer space with a newcomer to the comics scene: Kim&Kim, from Black Mask studios. I got this title in a Humble Bundle of Eisner Awards nominees.

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Space, Besties and having fun

Enough of the plugging, on to the fun frolicking fest of the two Kim’s!

Kimiko “Kim Q” Quattro and her best friend, her whole world, Kimber “Kim D”Dantzler, are twentysomething bountyhunters. As a big FU to their parents and the whole universe they decide to  hijack a high stakes bounty when they are down on their luck.

Kim Q’s dad is the leader of the omniverse’s most powerful bounty hunting organization, and Kim D  is a former probate necromancer. Both of them abandoned their old lives to stake out their own futures together. They both have to face their past and their family in the following adventure, when they find out they might be a little bit in too deep. They aren’t the greatest bountyhunters.

The art is very colourful and vivid, although somethimes a bit sloppy, but it adds to the charm. It’s well written and I have to say I got invested in the two Kim’s. They are positive role models for a new age.

Diversity and Representation

To add a little backstory to our characters: Kim Q is Trans and Kim D is Bisexual. These aspects of their character are revealed very early on in the story. It is considered a well known fact in their universe, to their families and friends alike. It may come as a surprise to us readers, but the point of the writer is to make this just an ordinary fact about the characters; something that is just as much a part of them as is their hair colour. As a member of the LGBTQ family myself, it is a nice to have some more diversity, especially when it feels very natural and not shoehorned in for the sake of representing diversity.

The way this part of them feels like a natural thing may come from Magdalene Visaggio’s (the writer) own experiences, as she is trans herself. It’s just the way things are, no big deal. It’s a bounty hunting adventure in space with two upbeat and cheerful heroines, who happen to be Queer.

The series feels like a nice mash up between 80’s cartoons and Sci Fi movies from that period, combined with a badass PunkRock soundtrack. There are hints of Cowboy Bepop, Star Wars and other classics. It’s a nice homage but mostly very much it’s own thing.

So grab your Bestie, your weapon of choice and hop in your Spacevan! Time to get some bad guys!



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