Comic Review: Nailbiter

Comic Review: Nailbiter – Williamson & Henderson

In my previous article I wrote about being an artist and following your dreams and how to achieve this. Now it’s back to my home turf, horror comics. Nailbiter is another Image Comics title and another great one to explore if you want to stray from the spandex superhero books. It’s subject matter is about something I found fascinating as a teenager/college-student: serial killers.
Warning: if you don’t like blood or graphic imagery, this might not be the title for you.

Suspense to die for

The series centers around the fictional town of Buckaroo in Oregon. This city is a statistical anomaly, because it produced 16 of the worst serial killers in U.S history. It’s most “famous” inhabitant at the moment: Edward Charles Warren, otherwise known as “Nailbiter” due to his predilection for chewing off his victim’s nails and part of their flesh. The town’s tourist industry is supported by this claim. By the start of the series Warren has been caught by FBI agent Charles Carroll. However Carrol has gone missing, leaving the responsibility to his friend and NSA agent Nicholas Finch to look for him. Where to start but Buckaroo Oregon. While we follow Nicholas on his investigation, we get to meet the lovely townspeople. The question remains, why did this town produce so many serial killers…

Murder Mystery

The good part to start with, is that the series is complete so you can binge read it in it’s entirity. This series as I said, combines some of my favourite themes: murder mystery, horror and serial killers. The story really pulls you in and I really wanted to know what was going on.
As said before, the story can become bloody and a bit nasty, so this is not for everyone. But if you are up for a bloody whodunnit, give it a try. See if the story hooks you in. Don’t bite too much on your nails, you never know who can come to visit…



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