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Comics Review: The Wicked + The Divine

The last few years Image comics has been transforming the world of comics again, after they started a revolution in the 90’s. At that time they did it with titles like Spawn, Wild C.A.T.S., Gen 13, Astro City and the Savage Dragon. Now they are doing it with titles like The Walking Dead, Saga, Sex Criminals, Invincible, Rat Queens, and The Wicked + The Divine.

The Wicked + The Divine is one of the few that pulled me back in to read Image comics again. Other titles are East of west, Rat Queens and Saga.

The Premise of the Wicked + The Divine

Just because you’re immortal, doesn’t mean you’re going to live forever”

The narrative of this series focuses on a group of people with superpowers, named The Pantheon. How and why they become gods, I will not tell you because that is spoiling the fun.

Every ninety years twelve gods return as young people. People both love them and hate them. In two years, they are all dead. It’s happening now. It’s happening again. This cycle is called The Recurrence.

The first pages are of the last Pantheon saying goodbye to each other before they all die.

The story of the first trade paperback

Switch back to modern times, almost all of them are popstars, and we focus on a girl named Laura, who is a big fan of the Pantheon and goes to all of their shows. During the show of Amaterasu, one of the 12, Laura faints and is later woken up by Luci. I’m sure you can guess which god Luci is. She takes Laura to meet Amaterasu backstage, where she is holding an interview for the so called non-believers. During this interview hitmen turn up and try to kill the lucky few who are there, but Lucifer intervenes and kills them. Using her powers for the first time in public.

The story continues with Laura trying to help Lucifer to get out of jail and find out what really happened. As I said last time discussing a plot, I won’t reveal too much, because the story is just too good to have it spoiled for you. No cheating and looking it up! Read it and truly experience it.

Why you should read it

This series is plain awesome, because you get to meet these mysterious gods as you tag along with Laura, discovering their secrets along the way. I love the fact that the gods that get a shot at living are not just from just one pantheon; there are gods from the Gaelic and Norse pantheons as well. I’ve had fun looking up a few gods after knowing which god they represented, learning small bits of history and strengthening the core of the series when I continued reading afterwards.

The writing is pretty solid and the art is beautiful. I got pulled into this world and wanted to know more about these superstars. They are of all genders and all ethnicities, this comic is one of the most inclusive ones you’ll read. If you want, you can even look up Kieron Gillen, the writer; the has a Spotify playlist to accompany the series. It’s name?

The Wicked + The Divine.



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