Finding Molly: An Adventure in Catsitting

Finding Molly: an Adventure in Catsitting

This comic is something uncharacteristic for me, it’s quite out of the left field for me concerning my normal fare. But Finding Molly is something that needs a bigger audience and fits this website to a T. It’s about creatitivity, cats and following your dreams, and did I mention cats!


The publisher of this book and some other titles is Emet Comics. Founded in 2015 to fill a void in the comic book market: content with a female point of view. Their mission is to focus on empowering female creators and storytellers in comics.
Justine Prado is the writer, she is a feature and tv screenwriter for shows like Weeds and Orange is the New Black. So there is some pedigree tot his tale.

Balancing dreams and employment

Molly is a twenty something and a recently graduated artist. While a rising star in college, she now is in a rut. She lives at home with her parents and their cat Phish, while her friends live the bohemian life she wants. After a friend of her mother sees her drawing of Phish, she employs her as a catsitter. Unwillingly she accepts and starts catsitting and drawing portraits of cats. In the end she grows as a person and manages to balance her life.

Never give up

The great thing about this comic is that Justine Prado’s writing mirrors Molly’s journey. They both grow and improve with each passing page. Plus the many colourful cats each with their own personality bring a lot of joy. The artwork of Jenn St-Onge brings it al lto life and gives vibrancy tot he characters. It’s a highly enjoyable stand alone book with many themes you can relate too. The choice between doing what you love and making money, is a struggle a lot of people can relate too. Nothing is worse than to work at a soul crushing job, just because you need the money.

Molly in the beginning comes about as a petulant child, but as she grows, you start to grow to like her. I highly recommend this for people who want to try something completely different.



Article written by Tom

Tom is a 38-year-old lover of everything from the big G himself, Godzilla, to Star Trek and from playing D&D to Overwatch. Codename: Dr.BadTaste, because of a love for everything Cult, weird and bad. He founded Camp Camp with friends to celebrate this and to celebrate Bad Taste! Powers: Geek of all trades, bad puns and a certain je ne sais quoi. Weaknesses: his partner, their cat named Monster and everything to do with Pugs.

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