Marvel Comics with Strong Female Leads

Marvel Comics with Strong Female Leads

Comic books and their movie counterparts usually revolve around the men in the Universe. Wonder Woman being the sole exception and suprise suprise: it’s the best DC movie of the last few years. Marvel shied back of a Black Widow movie and that’s a shame. It’s such an interesting character. And there are so much more strong female leads in the Marvel universe.

Positive notes are Wasp co-starring in the new Ant-Man and Captain Marvel getting her own movie. Valkyrie was a great addition in Thor: Ragnarok and the sisters Nebula and Gamora in Guardians. Jessica Jones has her own tv-series, which is by far my favourite of them all.
Now give us more Black Widow Marvel. Or even give the women their own movie after the A-Force series, an all female Avenger team.
On to the comic series.

Series 1: Alias

Marvel Comics with Strong Female Leads Alias

If the title doesn’t sound familiar, you might know the name of the lead: Jessica Jones. The first season of the Netflix series is loosely based on this first run. Part of the Marvel Max imprint for mature readers, Alias made me love Jessica Jones even more. She used to be a costumed superhero named Jewel, but left that life behind to start over her life as a private investigator.
The running thread is her character development; as the layers of her personality and her past are revealed. The series continued in Pulse, where she becomes a writer for the Daily Bugle focusing on superheroes. She and Luke Cage even start dating here and she gets pregnant from him. Must read for lovers of JJ or for the people wanting to know more about her.

Series 2: Ms. Marvel

Marvel Comics with Strong Female Leads Ms. Marvel

Not to be confused with Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel is Kamala Khan. A Pakistani teenage girl from Jersey City, who happens to be Muslim. Kamale gets her powers after the terrigen mists activate her Inhuman genes. She now has shapeshifting abilities and she named herself after her idol Captain Marvel. The first volume of this series won the Hugo award for the best graphic story in 2015.
What I love about this series: it’s colourful and very funny. And even though she is a teenage girl, she struggles with labels imposed on herself and how that struggle forms her own self. That struggle is one we all can relate to, no matter what race, religion or age you are.

Series 3: The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl

Marvel Comics with Strong Female Leads the unbeatable squirrel girl

Doreen Green is a human superhero with the proportional strength and speed of a squirrel, as well as the ability to speak with squirrels, like her sidekick, Tippy-Toe. If this series sounds nutty, you are right. But nutty in the best way. Cartoony, vibrant and a stand out, this series made me laugh so hard. She goes toe to toe with Galactus and she is the official babysitter for Luke Cage and Jessica Jones.
Comic books don’t always have to be gritty or serious to have relevance and this series proves it. She will be a part of the upcoming New Warriors show in 2018, which says enough. Read this if you want to laugh yourself silly or need a pick me up. Doreen Green is one hell of an anti-depressant.

Series 4: Black Widow(2014-2015)

Marvel Comics with Strong Female Leads Black Widow

Natasha Romanova needs no introduction, we all know her as Black Widow. With her long history in Marvel comics, this series is a great starting point. Atonement is the running theme of this run. Natasha used to be a villain, a very dirty villain. And even tho she is a hero now. Her past is making her feel guilty and she needs a lifetime to make up for her past deeds.

This series fleshes her out more and gives us glimpses in her as a person, we hardly get to see. Filled with suspense and enough action, this series is great way to learn more about Natasha Romanova and her penance. Must read for her fans.

Series 5: Thor

Marvel Comics with Strong Female Leads Thor

I already wrote about her in my article about Thor comics for new Thor fans, but she still needs to be named. The Goddess of Thunder is an awesome series, Thor is a female now and has to carve her own place between the Gods and humans. Even Thor changes his name to Odinson because he finds her worthy. Parts mystery, all parts kick ass, the new Thor is an awesome series and really really really worth your time.

This sums up my suggestions for series about female superheroes, I know I left out some. If you have read these, you might check out She-Hulk, Captain Marvel, Gwenpool, Silk, Spider-Woman. I might even write about them in the future. Now go out there and read these awesome books.



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