Paper Girls comic review

Paper Girls: Ass-Kicking Comic Girls

After collecting comics for more than 25 years, with some years more intense than others, I decided to thin the herd. A part of my collection will be sold, but in exchange for that I bought some digital comics. Paper Girls is one of my latest purchases, which I got in a sale. How can anyone resist buy one, get one free? Especially since Image Comics has the tendency to price their number 1 trade paperbacks cheap!

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Paper Girls is one of the creations of the succesful Image Comics superstar Brian K. Vaughn, with the artwork done by Cliff Chiang (notorious for his work on Wonder Woman). I already wrote about one of Brian’s other titles here, Saga, so check that out if you have not already.

Set in 1988, the comic opens with a girl named Erin waking up on the first of november, or Hell Day as it’s marked on her calender. Turns out she is a paper girl and she has to deliver on the morning after Halloween.

Freddy Krueger

She runs into some trouble when she is accosted by a teen dressed as Freddy Krueger, but she gets help from three other paper girls: Mac, Tiff and KJ. They scare the teens away and help Erin out. It turns out only boys used to be allowed to deliver papers, untill Mac came along and set a new precedent. While the girls are out delivering newspapers, they run into four cloaked and masked individuals. First they mistake them for late trick and treaters, turns out they are something completely different. The girls follow them to a house. Hidden in the basement is a strange pod/machine looking thing. They find out who the cloaked four are, or better: what they are, and things take a weird turn fast. To tell you more would spoil the fun.

Paper Girls: strong female protagonists

From prior experience reading some of Brain K. Vaughn’s work, I know he can take unusual stuff and make it work. Paper Girls is no different than Saga or Y: The Last Man in it’s unique perspective and fresh story. He gives us four girls that are strong protagonists and who are very real. From playing arkanoid to carrying a hockey stick as protection; these girls kick some serious ass!

Cliff Chiang gives us solid pencilling and the coloring by Matt Wilson is stunning and colourful. It looks and feels 80’s. It’s a great mix between mystery and science fiction. I’d put this story up with the likes of Stranger Things, so if like me you are waiting anxiously for the new season, this is a great way to ease the wait!

Up until now there are only 15 issues, so you can catch up very fast (or do like me and buy the collected editions on Comixology, a great app for comic book readers). Either way, in paper or digital form, this title delivers!



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