Rat Queens Vol. 1 Review

Rat Queens Vol. 1 – Comic Review

As I said in my first review, I came back into comics with books that had no superheroes in them. Honestly, I hardly read a lot of superhero comic books in the traditional sense nowadays anyways. I still like series such as Batman, but there are so many more wonderful stories and worlds to explore out there. So that’s why it is my goal is to showcase such titles. And what better to showcase next than a book with the word sass in the title: Rat Queens.

Do you like fantasy? Are you a fan of comedy? Do you like strong female characters with their own stories and outlooks in life? This book checks all three. It’s a sword and sorcery parody/homage comic.

Rat Queens who?

The titular rat queens are the heroines of this comic. First off there is Hannah, the rockabilly Elven Mage, second there is Violet the hipster Dwarven Fighter, who shaved her beard before it became cool, thirdly the atheist Human Cleric Hannah, who hails from a family of a lovecraftian monster cultists, and then there is Dee, the hippie Halfing Thief who likes food, drugs and women.

Now we got that out of the way, the first book starts out with the rat queens in jail after they painted the town red, literally, after a night partying. The captain of the guard gives them a mandatory quest to get out of jail, they have to clear out some goblins out of a cave. It goes without saying this assignment is not as simple as it seems and they end up with a completely different task, there is a far more sinister threat in their own town and the rest of the book tells that story.

Why I love it

What sets this series apart for me was the way they handled the source material. There are some great winks and nods to the fantasy genre in general. Plus, it’s about a kickass group of four women with strong personalities, who have a great dynamic going on. The characters have their own outlook and opinions, which can sometimes result in conflict within the group, something that deepens the quality of the storytelling. The art is gorgeous, the writing is funny and it leaves you wanting more.

Great news: there are more books that you can read, so if you happen to have had the bad luck of not having Rat Queens introduced into your life previously. Bad news: the series has had some trouble with continuing because of personal problems between writers and pencillers. So this year they had a soft reboot and Rat Queens V2 is a go!

So grab your mead, strap on your armour and go on a quest with the Rat Queens!



Article written by Tom

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