Y the Last Man: Vol.1 Unmanned

Y the Last Man: Vol.1 Unmanned

It’s a common practice to turn comics into tv-series or movies nowadays. Ever since the success of the MCU, the search for the next big comic hero is never far away. On April 5th, a new comic adaptation was announced, when Fx said that they created the pilot for a series based on Y The Last Man. But what is this comic about and why should you read it?

The road to the big screen

There have been talks about a tv/movie adaptation of Y the Last Man for a couple of years. Back in 2010 French director Louis Letterier wanted to make a movie about it. New Line Cinema were in the race to make one as well. But in the end nothing happened with the rights they acquired and they fell back to Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra.

In 2015 Fx decided to make a tv-series with writer Brian K. Vaughn on board, and Michael Green as the showrunner. After all of this was announced, they added Aida Mashaka Croal and Melina Matsoukas as showrunners alongside Green.

What is the comic about?

The following synopsis comes from Wikipedia with a few tweaks:

On July 17th 2002 all living mammals with a Y chromosome, including embryo’s and sperm, simultaneously die. All but an escape artist named Yorrick Brown and his capuchin monkey Ampersand. Society is plunged into chaos as infrastructures collapse. The remaining women try to cope with the loss of the men. Next to that they face the harsh truth: if they don’t find a solution for this, (Wo)Mankind is doomed to exctinction.

Yorick’s mother is a member of the U.S Congress. After hearing he surivived, she commisions a special agent, 355, to protect Yorrick. Her goal is to get him to a lab in Boston to meet geneticist and cloning expert Dr. Allison Mann. Her goal is to find out why Yorrick survived and find a way to save the human race.

Before Saga

The writer of this series is Brian K. Vaughan, who also wrote Saga and Paper Girls. Y is the second series he created, that is turned into a TV series. His other series is Runaways, whose first season can be found on Hulu. Next to his prolific comic career, Vaughan also wrote for Lost from seasons three till five.


I like this first book of the series. It has a great story hook. I find the idea of a post-apocalyptic world filled with only women a great twist. Plus, it’s great that women are the ones calling the shots now. Brian K. Vaughan knows how to write a great mystery/science fiction book. The art of Pia Guerra is realistic as it is down to earth. The setting is as familiar as it is new.

Yorrick to me is a relatable protagonist. He has no super powers, he wasn’t famous or an extraordinary someone. He’s just a guy who happens to survive during this disaster and the fate of womanity depends on his well being. This series is in the vein of videogames like Fallout or books like The Stand, so if that tickles your fancy you know what to read.

And the great thing is; if you like this book, you can read the complete series as it’s already finished. So, you can binge-read your heart out. This way, you can be prepared when the series finally comes out. And when you finish Y the Last man, check out Vaughan’s other work as well. He has created interesting and completly different books. This is a great gateway to his other stuff.




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