The Cosplay Experiment - Progress

The Cosplay Experiment – Progress

Last year I posted a report on Dutch X-Mas Con and specifically about all the amazing cosplay I saw there. I was inspired by the passion these cosplayers put into their costume. The love for the characters they portrayed was very obvious. I wanted to try that too, but I did not get a chance during the March edition of Dutch Comic Con.

However, after attending the March edition of DCC, my mind was set on trying out cosplay at least once. I made a video about it, but my promise of posting a video every month did not happen, because life happened. That does not mean that I haven’t been working on my cosplay, because it is still going to happen. On November 18 & 19, Dutch Comic Con; The Winter Edition will be held. If you fancy seeing me in cosplay or at least want to have a great day or weekend, you can get tickets on the site over here.

The Progress

Sadly, I have not been able to make another video yet, but I wanted to update you on my progress either way. In my video, I mentioned that there were three characters I was interested in cosplaying; Wonder Woman, Lara Croft or X-23. Because it is my first time cosplaying, I wanted to go for something easy. Unfortunately I am not very good at creating a costume from scratch. Hence why I am going to cosplay X-23,


For the past few weeks, I’ve been browsing the internet in search for clothes that fit those X-23 wears. The costume is not as daring as some others are, but still it shows quite a lot of skin. When I finally decided on the base for the costume, I was nervous and excited. When the clothes arrived, I tried them on right away. I don’t want to show a picture yet, as I want it to be a surprise, but at first I was a little bit insecure. It is quite a sexy outfit and it requires a bit of confidence to wear. But the longer I looked in the mirror, the more confident I felt. I guess when the outfit is completely done, I will feel even more confident. After all, it won’t be me who will be walking around Comic Con but X-23.

What still needs to be done?

Before the costume is finished, there are still a couple of elements I need. The choker I bought is quite literally a choking me, so I need another one that actually fits. Apart from that, I need to find one of those O-ring chain belts that were all the rage in the early 2000s. I need combat boots and a black wig that is not too expensive, but does actually look like real hair instead of a dead cat. Then I also need gloves to finish the costume. I already ordered the signature claws, so that’s done. Hopefully they will arrive on time.


During Comic Con, my lovely fellow authors Nora and Tom will follow me around and film my experiences. The main reason why I want to do this is to experience what it’s like to be a cosplayer for a day. I’ve always felt like they are the superstars of conventions and I want to know what it’s like to be someone else for a day. Cosplaying is limitless. You can become whoever you want and that’s what I like most about it. Even when you’re not confident as yourself, you can be confident as a character that you adore. The best thing is that at a comic con, everybody is welcome and accepted.

I will post more about my progress either in video or in a blog so keep an eye out for that. And of course I hope to see you in Utrecht on the 18th or 19th of November!




Article written by Ingrid

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