Cosplay at Dutch Comic Con Winter Edition

What is it like to cosplay for the first time

After having visited Dutch Comic Con for a couple of years, I wanted to know what it was like to cosplay myself. Basically I could not miss all the fun. Because I am really bad at making a costume, I decided to go for an easy outfit. I settled on X-23, Wolverine’s cloned daughter and overall bad-ass. It took me a while to assemble all the clothes, the wig and the claws of course. A day before the convention I finally had my costume ready. However, I was getting second thoughts. A part of me wished I had chosen something a little more covered up. All of my insecurities started coming back and I tried my best to ignore them. I was going to do this. There was no going back now.

First Time Cosplay at Dutch Comic Con Winter Edition

On our way to the convention

In the morning I put on my outfit and had a lot of second thoughts. The fact that it was very cold did not quite help either. When we were about to leave, the car broke down so that was not very helpful. After a while, we managed to be on our way. The closer we got to Utrecht, the more nervous I became. I mean, it was the middle of November and I was going to dress like it was Summer. Luckily, one we arrived it did not feel as weird any more. Especially when I saw that more girls were dressed in revealing outfits. To be honest, it did made me feel a little bit insecure. But I was there now and I was certain no one was going to judge me. Or at least that’s what I hoped. We picked up our wristbands and entered the convention for the big moment.

The moment of cosplay truth

I took off my baggy sweater to reveal my outfit and had Tom put on my wig. It took some time getting a little more comfortable. We decided to watch the Sean Gunn Q&A and as I was standing there, a Wolverine approached me out of nowhere. “Hey! I’m your dad!” Because I was still a bit uncomfortable, it took a moment before I registered it. Anyway, he was very nice and we took a photo together, so that was cool. After that, another guy in cosplay came up to me and asked me who I was supposed to be. I told him I was X23 but he had no idea who that was. Well, he was dressed as a villain from Batman and X23 is Marvel, so that’s fine. But Wolverine was the only person who actually recognised me. Apart from that, no one had a clue who I was supposed to be. I guess the claws weren’t obvious enough. Or they never read the comics. Or seen the film? Anyway, I was fine with that. I was happy enough to be able to walk around and get used to being in costume.

First Time Cosplay at Dutch Comic Con Winter Edition

After two hours

After a while, I discovered the top I was wearing was all twisted and I wasn’t able to get it right. On top of that, the wig was giving me a headache. Because I was also getting rather cold, I decided it was time to say goodbye to X-23 and go back to being myself. All in all, it was a nice experience, although if I decide to do it next time, it will probably be a warmer outfit. And a more comfortable wig. And perhaps I will try to figure out how to actually make costumes myself. Well, next DCC is in March. Who has any costume ideas?



Article written by Ingrid

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