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Top 10 Best Halloween Costumes for Geeks

It is October! Huray! While some of us are counting down the days until it is acceptable to blast Last Christmas, some of us are looking forward to Halloween. That’s right, while Halloween has been popular in the US for ages, now the tradition is coming to the rest of the world as well. Which means most of us can enjoy a good fright night. When it comes to costumes, there are many options to choose from as a geek. Naturally, you want to be trendy, so you can’t just don any old Batman costume you have lying around. Here’s our top 10 Halloween costumes for Geeks (M/F)

10. Thor

With Thor Ragnarok almost hitting the big screen, it is fitting to go to a party dressed as the God of Thunder. You can impress everybody with your hammer swinging skills and seduce the ladies with your blond locks. Naturally, you can brag about almost-but-not-quite beating the Hulk too. Perfect!

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9. Hela

What is better than dressing up as the Goddess of Death for Halloween? Nothing is! Plus you can show all the guys dressed up as Thor who the true boss is, while looking insanely fabulous. Sounds like a win to us.

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8. Jigsaw

The 1456th instalment of the Saw Franchise is coming out later this year. While none of us could imagine anyone being able to come up with more of these films, apparently the creators had some inspiration left. Needless to say, it is the perfect opportunity to get your Jigsaw costume out of your closet and ask people if they wanna play. Unless you do not want to play a game of monopoly.

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7. Wonder Woman

Last year was all about Harley Quinn, who quite frankly was the only good thing about Suicide Squad. This year it was Wonder Woman who saved the DC Universe with an excellent movie. Apart from being a total bad-ass, her costume also looks fantastic. Perfect to battle evil on Halloween!

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6. Black Panther

Apologies for the non-black male modelling this costume. Next year, the highly-anticipated Black Panther movie is hitting theatres. At last a black superhero gets his own movie, which should be celebrated. Hence why this Black Panther costume is the perfect fit.

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5. Lara Croft

Back in the day, Lara Croft was the powerhouse female all girls wanted to be and all boys wanted to be with. When Angelina Jolie became the Tomb Raider, this was even more evident. With the upcoming 2018 movie adaptation, it is time to channel your inner Lara Croft again. The costume is a little more conservative than the Angelina version, but hey, you can still go and kick some ass while looking fabulous.

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4. Jon Snow

Next year we will see whether or not Jon Snow can save Westeros from the dead and make babies with Daenerys. Until that time, why not dress up as Jon Snow for Halloween? If you hate the party, people will just assume your brooding is because you are in character. Plus, the costume is super warm too. Win-win!

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3. Jack Skellington & Sally Pumpkin

Do we need to say more? This is a classic of course. There is no Halloween without these fantastic characters from A Nightmare Before Christmas.

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2. Ghostbusters

As an adult it is probably not acceptable to go trick and treating, but if you bring your pooch, you will definitely be able to find someone who will hand over all the candy. Who you gonna call?

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1. Pennywise

Were you expecting anything else? As long as you do not come to our neighbourhood, you are free to dress up as Pennywise from IT and scare the hell out of little children and adults alike.
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What will you be wearing this Halloween? Let us know in the comments!



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