5 Reasons why The Walking Dead should be cancelled

5 Reasons why The Walking Dead should be cancelled

The Walking Dead used to be one of my favorite shows. Ever since George Romero I had a thing for zombies and this show was just so original. I know, it’s based on the comics but I didn’t read those. So for me, this was a whole new thing. And even though season’s 2 The Farm almost made me quit watching, I stuck around. It gave me the prison, the governor, Negan and more. And it was epic.

But suddenly, I just lost interest. I forgot to watch an episode and never got around watching it. I didn’t miss the show one bit. So I just quit The Walking Dead, somewhere around the first quarter of season 8. I did read up on what happened thanks to the internet and I’m glad I made the decision to stop watching this. It’s just not worth seeing anymore. So, here are five reasons why The Walking Dead should be cancelled.

1. The… pacing… is… slow like a zombie

Here’s how pretty much each season of The Walking Dead goes: the first episode is SO EPIC and you suddenly remember why you love this show so much. Damn, what an amazing episode! From there, things are going slooooow, up until the mid season finale, which has a pretty decent cliffhanger. The first episode after the break is also pretty good. After which, the pace drops again. And finally, there’s a big shocking cliffhanger to make sure everybody stays on board for the next season.

So there are two – four episodes per season which are worth watching. Out of sixteen episodes. That makes three quarters of each season so incredibly boring. Nothing much happens. Sometimes, there’s a fight. If we’re lucky, somebody even gets bitten and/or killed. But otherwise… it’s just talking, pacing around, more talking, arguing, planning, having meetings and of course, some talking. YAWN. A show about zombies should have a very high pace and should always have you on the edge of your seat. Not just for four episodes a season. I miss the older seasons, where stuff actually happened.

2. Carl is dead

Carl the Walking Dead Coral memeI never actually saw this, as I already stopped watching by then. I did read the recap and saw the memes. CORAL! Now, Carl was never my favorite character. Carl was probably nobody’s favorite character. But he did have an important role in the show. He kept Rick grounded. He had a decent moral compass. And let’s not forget, he was one of the few cast members left over from the first season. Even though he was nobody’s favorite, don’t tell me it didn’t hurt when he lost his eye and almost died.

As far as I gather, Carl has a very important role in the comics. He’s also still alive in the comics. So the screenwriters took a big chance by killing off his character. And I think they made the wrong decision. Now, for each thing comic-Carl does that’s pivotal for the plot, they’ll have to work around that. It’s harder now to follow the storylines from the comic. I’ve read the interviews about why Carl had to die and it all sounded like rubbish to me.

3. Rick Grimes just quit the show

Shocker! Just las week, Andrew Lincoln announced that he is leaving the show. This is news that nobody saw coming. Rick Grimes = The Walking Dead. Without him, who knows what will happen? Same as with Carl, Rick is still alive in the comics so with all of the Grimes dead (well, except for Judith but she doesn’t really count), the TV show will be forced to take an entirely different route. Rick will only be in six of the sixteen episodes in season 9.

So how will this end? Will Rick Grimes die or will he just leave? Rumors are, it’s gonna be the latter. Sounds a bit boring to me, but we’ll see. Or actually, I won’t see it since I don’t watch the show anymore but I’ll certainly read about it online. Also, it’s probably safe to assume now that Lauren Choan (Maggie) will have the same fate. I’ve read about Maggie being in only (about) three episodes coming season. So that’s another big name and important character gone.

4. Only two characters are worth watching now

With Carl, Rick and Maggie all gone or leaving, there’s not much of the original cast left. Although Maggie only joined in the second season, she feels like part of the originals. Out of the cast members from the first season, only Daryl and Carol are left. Luckily, these are two of the best characters. I think it’s safe to assume all the fans of the show have one of these as their favorite character. Although, when I still watched it, I hated that they gave Carol so little to do in the last few episodes. She is such a badass, she deserves more screen time and epic story arcs.

With Rick out of the way within six episodes, the new main character will be Daryl Who would have thought that when watching season 1? Daryl certainly has had some major character development! I really hope for Norman Reedus’ sake that season nine will be great again, with more action, more drama and less talking. But honestly, I think season 9 will be the last season for The Walking Dead. It’s been coming for a long time now, considering the last point on this list…

5. The ratings have dropped like crazy

There are still a LOT of people watching The Walking Dead. But the ratings have been dropping the last couple of seasons, and they won’t get those people (including me) back. Now, with Carl dead and Rick and Maggie leaving, ratings will (probably) drop even more. The season 8 finale was the second to last ratings-wise. Only season 2 got less viewers, and that was all because it was the worst season of all. There are no excuses this time around.

The Walking Dead is still AMC’s cash cow though. Ratings will have to drop a lot more for the show to get axed. But considering all things above together with the dropping ratings, I really think season 9 will be the last one for the zombieshow. I’ll see you again in about a year to see if I was right.



Article written by Nora

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