American Gods episode 4: Git Gone recap Laura Moon

American Gods episode 4: Git Gone recap

The sun is out, but we did not want to withhold another American Gods recap for you. Git Gone centers around Shadow’s dead wife Laura Moon. We learn how she has come to her unfortunate ending and more importantly, how she returned to life. Laura’s backstory is much more fleshed out in the series than in the books. It gives an interesting perspective on her character. Anyways, enough chatter. Let the recapping begin!

Casino Royale

The episode starts in a casino, where we meet Laura. She’s a dealer at the casino, expert at shuffling cards and doesn’t seem excited to be there at all. She returns home, tries to commit suicide, fails, sleeps and returns to the casino.

Her boss shows her a new automatic machine so that she doesn’t have to shuffle again. She’s not too excited about that either cause she “likes shuffling.” Anyway, on one of her shifts, Shadow walks into the casino and sits down at her table. He is trying to cheat, but Laura spots him from miles away and warns him about the security. She suggests he finished his drink and then leaves. He does, but when her shift finishes, he is waiting for her in the parking lot. Shadow suggests that Laura should be his partner-in-crime, but she refuses. He asks if she wants to go for a drink but she says she just wants to go home. Shadow asks if he can come home with her, and they hit it off.

Nora: ah shit, this is going to be one of those episodes right? The ‘hey this is a cool character let’s learn more about them’ episode. I’m not a fan of those usually.

Ingrid: While I already know that I miss Wednesday in this episode, because he is the best character, I have to admit that I found it interesting to learn more about Laura. Especially since she doesn’t have as much of a backstory in the novel. This at least provided some context as to why she made the (wrong) choices.

Nora: I could’ve done without an entire episode about Laura Moon though. You can feel this isn’t source material. Still, the context is interesting, yes. It gives the couple some backstory. I honestly thought they were already a couple when they first met, so at least there’s plenty of chemistry between them.

Ingrid: That’s true. Ah well, hopefully next episode we will go back to the main story.

Happiness is a lie

Shadow and Laura start living together. They even marry and Shadow could not be happier. Laura is still depressed and even Shadow can’t change that. It’s an interesting insight in the mind of someone who is dealing with mental illness, because I think that’s what we can call it. She and Shadow have a talk and she suggests they go and rob the casino. Laura claims she has a perfect plan and that it is impossible for Shadow to get caught. He agrees, but does get caught. When Shadow is in prison, he makes Laura promise that she will wait for him. She promises and returns back to her life before Shadow.

Nora: I don’t ship Shadow and Laura Moon, it’s a strange marriage. But I agree that it’s good to see someone with a depression on screen, and that a happy marriage does not mean there’s no depression.

Ingrid: It is frustrating to see that Shadow loves her so much but she is just not able to return the love. Now, telling your husband to rob a casino because you feel like your life sucks is not the best idea either, but hey.

Nora: I really missed Low Key, he would’ve made the prison scenes even better. He would’ve had some snarky remarks about how that plan was doomed from the start. Another reason to really want season 2 to be here soon.

Ingrid: Indeed, but then again, I am also curious to see where they will go with season 1.

Laura Moon: Cheater

Her best friend’s husband Robbie comes by to help Laura fix things in the house. He tries to seduce her but she says she is waiting for Shadow. That lasts about 5 seconds and they start making out. What follows is an affair, even though Laura still has Shadow believe that she is waiting for him. A couple of days before Shadow gets out of prison, Robbie and Laura drive somewhere. Robbie says he will leave his wife and tells Laura to leave Shadow. She refuses and tells him that he should just remember it as a naughty secret. As a goodbye gift, she decides to give him a blowjob whilst he is driving. This is quite possibly the best example of things not to do when someone is driving. Anyway, an accident happens and Laura and Robbie both die.

Laura is with Anubis, who wants to weigh her heart. She refuses and says she really has to get back. Anubis is having none of that shit. He tells her she will have to go into darkness, but Laura keeps fighting him. Anubis says “Death is not a debate.” But then the mysterious coin drags Laura back to the world of the living, and she craws out of her grave.

Nora: I actually only started liking this episode when Laura Moon died. Although it made no sense that Anubis would judge her, since they made it clear in the previous episode you should have some link to those old gods. Or was Laura’s poor cat secretly an Egyptian God?

Ingrid: Yes that was strange, as she doesn’t believe in anything at all. But then again, it would be bad television to just have her walk into nothingness right away. At least we got some good dialogue out of it.

Nora: and more Anubis! He’s an intriguing God. I wonder how much sass he gets from recently deceased people. Must be a hard job.

Ingrid: Well, his outburst kind of betrayed that basically everybody wants to bargain with him. Poor dude.

The Walking Dead

Laura is kind-of alive again and notices a bright light. She follows it and it turns out it is Shadow being lynched. Laura has developed superhuman strength as she destroys the faceless men and saves Shadow. She then leaves and lets Shadow walk away. Laura returns home with one arm detached from her body. She washes herself and decides to go to Audrey’s place because she needs her arts and crafts supplies. As she tries to stitch her arm back to her body, Audrey comes in and naturally starts screaming. “Go away, you zombie whore!” is probably the best line ever uttered in a series. They have an interesting conversation as Laura is getting rid of her gas on the toilet.

Audrey helps put Laura’s arm back together and they go for a drive. Laura wants to find Shadow, as she finally realises she loves him. The car is stopped by Anubis and his sidekick Mr. Ibis. Anubis says he realises Laura Moon needs to be on Earth to help Shadow. They stitch her arm back to her body and make her look, well, less dead. This way she is better prepared to meet Shadow. She goes to his hotel and waits for him, the light in her life now. And that is when the episode ends.

Nora: Yesssssss more Audrey. Man, she is so great. I loved that scene and I would totally wear a shirt saying “Go away, you zombie whore!” Besides that, I hate that the episode left us at the same spot as the previous one.

Ingrid: Well, I guess it is because the first season is about the first quarter of the novel. I think they have to add more things and fillers to make sure they have enough material for another season.

Nora: At least this will give me more time to re-read the novel, which I stupidly didn’t do for season 1. I keep thinking ‘was this how it happened in the book’? Did you do a re-read?

Ingrid: No I didn’t. I tried but then I stopped. Not sure why. I guess a part of me just wants to watch this and witness the story as if I see it for the first time.

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