Murder of Gods

American Gods Episode 6: A Murder Of Gods Recap

Hello and welcome to the sixth American Gods recap already. Today we will be discussing the episode titled A Murder of Gods. A very suitable title, as more than one God will meet his maker. Do you think Gods meet a God when they die? Such an interesting theory but guess we will never find out. Anyway, without further ado, let’s take a look at what happened to our dear friends in these 60 minutes.

Coming to America

The episode starts with a group of people readying themselves to cross the Rio Grande. It is dangerous, but their hope to find a better life is stronger than fear. They wade into the river, fighting the current. One man nearly drowns, but is saved by a man standing on the surface of the water. The drowned man asks his name, to which he replies: “You know my name.”

The people arrive on shore, but their luck has run out when a pack of SUVs race on the shore. The border patrol start shooting people and it is a massacre. The mysterious man stands in front of all the people with his arms spread. The silver rifle shoots him through each hand and his heart. The first God has been murdered.

Nora: Well Jesus Christ, what an opening scene this was. Again. I love all these Coming to America scenes as somehow they all have a current theme, and an important one at that.

Ingrid: Yes, I especially liked this one because America is so keen on their Christianity, but the way they treat immigrants is not very Christian.

Nora: Or humane, for that matter. I hope Trump and his people watch this show but… No, they won’t watch this, period.

Ingrid: He definitely would have tweeted about it already.

Healing hands

Our heroes are on the highway, after escaping from the massacre at the police station. Shadow still can’t believe all that he has seen and Wednesday explains that it was a warning to him. Shadow is not totally convinced though. Wednesday then brags about all the charms he knows, but then Shadow asks if he knows how to stop bleeding. Shadow was hurt in the escape and it won’t stop bleeding. Luckily Wednesday knows how to heal with a touch. Wednesday pulls out this weird alien-like creature that was infecting Shadow’s wound. They leave it on the asphalt and are on their way again.

Nora: Yikes! This could have been in any horror movie. But I think the most important thing we learn from this scene is that Mr. Wednesday is way more powerful than we had thought so far.

Ingrid: Well, those who really do have the power do not need to show it all the time. But I agree. Wednesday is not messing around.

Nora: *hums Snap’s I’ve got the power‘*


We’re back at the motel and Laura demands her car back, but it has been taken by the cops. Enter Mad Sweeney, who kind of saves the day. While Sweeney tries break into a cab, he says that he needs to help Laura get resurrected and that if that happens, she won’t need the coin any more so he can have it back. They start arguing when suddenly a man holding a weapon interrupts them. It turns out to be Salim, who kindly asks them to stop stealing his cab.

Salim overheard Sweeney say he is a Leprechaun and asks if he knows the Jinn. Sweeney tells him to take them to Kentucky where a murder of Gods will gather. They leave and Salim and Laura have an emotional conversation about what the Jinn means to Salim. Mad Sweeney is not as sentimental though.

“Did you have a genie in your bottle? Did you rub one out of him, darling?”

When Sweeney falls asleep, Laura tells Salim to take another turn, because she has other plans than Kentucky. She wants to observe her family and see how they are doing without her. After that, they end up in the crocodile bar, where Sweeney first encountered Shadow.

Nora: I love the chemistry between Sweeney and Laura, they are the best frenemies. And yay, Salim returns! I hope he will find his Jinn again. I do wonder why they had to go back to the crocodile bar though. Probably because Laura wants to understand her husband better.

Ingrid: I think Salim is nice but a bit whiny. I pretty much identify with Sweeney because he is a sarcastic bastard and so can I be. But yeah, it would be nice for Salim to find the Jinn and make desert love again.

Nora: Yes, Sweeney is my favorite character, I just love his sarcasm and wit. *Sarcasm high five* I am soooo looking forward to next episode, which will explore his backstory a bit more. Swooning over Sweeney.

Ingrid: #MadforSweeney


Shadow and Wednesday drive into a town called Vulcan. Everyone in this town carries firearms and wear armbands, but they are definitely not racist. There is a procession led by a man in a bomber jacket, to mourn the latest casualty (a man who fell into molten metal and ended up in bullets) of the munition plant. These deaths appear to happen several times a year. A sacrifice of the God Vulcan to himself.

Vulcan and Wednesday greet each other like old friends. They go to his house and discover that Vulcan is better off than most of Wednesday’s old pals. Vulcan explains he franchised his faith, which is why he is so popular. He says he will join the old Gods in Wisconsin but not before forging a sword for Wednesday. Vulcan then leaves the room, but Wednesday is uneasy about the whole thing. The fact that Vulcan keeps making lynching jokes could betray that he is aware of what Technical Boy did to Shadow.

Wednesday wasn’t born yesterday though (because it was Friday yesterday. Get it?). They meet at the munition plant where Vulcan forges Wednesday a sword worthy of Gods. Then finally the truth comes out. Volcan has been playing with the New Gods all along. They put a gun in his hand and gave him power. Worse of all, he called the New Gods and they are on their way over. Wednesday then explains to Vulcan that he will be seen as a martyr. He will make it look like the New Gods murdered Vulcan for pledging to Wednesday’s cause. He then slices Vulcan’s neck with the sword and pushes him in the vat of hot molten metal. To finish things off, Wednesday curses Vulcan by peeing in the vat.

Nora: I really like that Neil Gaiman wrote Vulcan for the tv adaptation and I kinda wish he would have been in more episodes. This is the perfect example for how the Old Gods and the New Gods work together, or how the New Gods can manipulate the Old. I loved everything about this, from the sacrifice of the ‘best boss’ to the pissing of Mr. Wednesday.

Ingrid: Indeed, plus it did show American culture quite well. Or at least the stereotypes. They sure do love their guns.

Nora: Yes, this was very well written and I reckon a lot of Americans can identify with this or will recognize their friends/neighbours/co-workers. There’s a bit of Vulcan in every American? I do wonder if the piss-bullets will make an appearance in a future episode.

Ingrid: Well that would definitely be taking the piss.


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