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American Gods Episode 5: Lemon Scented You recap

A bit later than planned, but hey, better late than never. Here we are again with a recap for episode 5 of American Gods: Lemon Scented You. And can we just say holy shit? It is probably the most exciting episode so far. While episode 4 was a bit slow, this time, they took no prisoners. Which is a good thing. Anyway, let’s take a look at what happened in this episode and shed our light on these events.

Coming to America

The episode starts with an animated sequence of a group of people coming to America. It is about the god Nunyunnini. The God’s people come to a new world, where they are starving. The people present offer to share their resources with them, but instead they bring war. One of the quotes that perfectly describes the whole series is said in this sequence:

The gods are great, but people are greater. For it is in their hearts that gods are born, and to their hearts that they return. Gods live and gods die, and soon enough Nunyunnini was entirely forgotten.

Nora: poor Nunyunnini. I will make a shrine for her. Him? It? Anyway, gorgeous animation and very strong quote.

Ingrid: I was a bit confused about who he/she was initially. But it was very well done.

Nora: Yeah, true. I thought it would be some deity we knew or who would pop up in the episode. But no, we got a harsh lesson.

Ingrid: It does make sense though. These Gods are nothing without people believing.

Second chances

Shadow enters his motel room, only to be greeted by his dead wife. This is a shock for him, which makes sense, as usually dead people stay dead. Laura considers this to be the perfect opportunity to rekindle their romance. Shadow, however, is a bit more reluctant. Once he is over the initial shock of his dead wife being alive, the hurt and anger of her betrayal resurface. Laura takes a bath so her skin feels warm to the touch, but when she asks Shadow if he is still her puppy, he answers that he isn’t. Well, girl, you got to work harder to win him back.

In the meantime, Wednesday arrives, but Shadow refuses to let him in. Then the sound of police cars disrupt their conversation. Shadow and Wednesday are arrested for the bank robbery, after an anonymous tip. Laura is still in the bath, but Shadow’s light disappears.

Nora: if she says ‘Hi Puppy’ one more time, I swear I’ll kill her. Oh, wait. I was glad Shadow was reluctant at best because once a cheater, always a cheater. Serves her right. And the whole bank robbery was too good to be true I guess.

Ingrid: Well, I give him props for being as calm as he was. If my dead boyfriend would suddenly sit on my bed again, I would go nuts. And not in a good way. But then again, he has seen some weird shit already.

Nora: Shadow is calm in every situation. I think that’s part of the reason why Wednesday chose him. I would freak out too and would start throwing things, at the least.

Ingrid: Well and maybe because of the fact that *book spoiler here*. Anyway, I wish I could be more like Shadow in my day-to-day life.

David Bowie

Technical Boy leaves a club. As he approaches his limo, the lights go out one by one. The mask he used to kidnap Shadow with now attacks him, and he is dragged into his own limo. He gets a telling-off by Media, who now looks like David Bowie. She tells him that Mr. World is not happy about what he has done, and that he needs to apologise. Not to Mr. World, but to Wednesday and Shadow. Before Technical Boy got involved, Wednesday was just smoldering, and he tried to put out fire with gasoline. This could cause a situation that could blow up in the new Gods’ faces. Technical Boy doubts that an apology would do any good, but he has no choice in the matter.

Nora: oh GODS, I loved this scene. I love Bruce Langley and Gillian Anderson in these roles, they are so great. And David Bowie <3 Oh man, now I’m sad again for losing David Bowie. I wonder if Gillian Anderson can sing?

Ingrid: I looked it up for you. Here you go: click here. I think the David Bowie scene was really well done and most importantly, it kind of set the mood for the big reveal of Mr. World. We knew we had to be scared of him but shit got real yo.

Nora: Why thank you! Is there anything she can’t do? And yeah I agree, this set-up for Mr. World was very well done. He’s the Big Bad.

Ingrid: That smile. Still gives me the shivers.


Shadow and Wednesday are taken in for interrogations. While the cop tries to coax Shadow into telling her what is going on, Shadow is adamant not to say a word. She tells him that they have some really powerful enemies out there who went to great lengths to get the police on their trail. Shadow still does not speak. In another room, Wednesday is acting senile and tells the cop exactly what happened over the last few days. Naturally, the cop does not believe this.

Nora: For once, there are smart cops in a tv-show not about cops. Lawyer!

Ingrid: Shame that that did not last long.

Lucky Coin

In the meantime, Mad Sweeney turns up at the motel. He demands his coin back from Laura, but she says no. As Sweeney loses his temper, Laura basically breaks everything in Sweeney’s body with zero effort. She then asks him some questions, for example how he knows Shadow. He explains and also explains that Wednesday is a God and that Shadow should not trust Wednesday. She then argues that he can’t take her coin and that she has to give it to him freely. This is correct, but he states that her body will keep decomposing and that he will just take it out of her body when that happens. He is not a patient man, however, and tries to drown a dead woman in the bath. The cops show up and arrest Sweeney, after Laura stops playing alive. Needless to say, Sweeney is not happy.

Nora: Another very cool scene! Pablo Schreiber is the best leprechaun in the history of film/television I reckon. I’m not an expert on accents but I think he has this down.

Ingrid: Yeah, and I like the fact that Laura is more important in the series than in the novel. It is nice to have that strong female character, even though she is a cheater and well, dead. And on accents, it couldn’t get any worse than Gerard Butler doing an Irish accent for Ps. I Love You.

Nora: I completely understand the choices the creator made concerning Laura, as in the book it’s mostly just dudes having a roadtrip, picking up more dudes. And she certainly is a very interesting character. Gods yeah, Butlers accent was terrible, but so was that movie. Another fine example for the book being so much better. I think American Gods and Game of Thrones are the only exceptions, where the series are also very good despite the differences.

Ingrid: But I liked Ps. I Love You. But then again, I adore Gerard. Ah well, I digress. I have to admit the Song of Ice and Fire books are a bit of a drag so I like the show better.

Mr. World

Shadow and Wednesday are put into a room together, while the cops leave. They leave behind high-res images of their bank robbery, though, and Wednesday is on edge right away. He argues that they need to get out as soon as they can. A tiny spider unlocks their hand cuffs, but then then shouts and bangs can be heard from outside the room. Shadow notices that Wednesday is afraid and demands to know who he really is.

But then the door opens, but it’s not the cops coming in. It is Marilyn Monroe, and she is floating. Shadow asks Wednesday to tell him this isn’t real. Wednesday says nothing. Then, the elusive Mr. World enters the room. He says it is a pleasure to finally meet Wednesday. He turns his attention to Shadow, but Wednesday warns him not to say anything. Mr. World says he knows all about Shadow anyway, and shares some intimate details about his life.

Mr. World summons Technical Boy to apologise, and gives Shadow a chance to punch him in the face. The new Gods then offer Wednesday a chance to find his audience and that they are only there to help. Media then pitches their idea with nuclear bombs and unicorns. But Wednesday smells a con. The new Gods then leave, except for Technical Boy who demands to know why Mr. World does not just end Wednesday right now.

Mr. World argues that he is giving Wednesday options, and that he earns their respect as he is older than Technical Boy will ever be. When Technical Boy laughs in his face, Media blows him a kiss that knocks out TB’s front teeth. Mr. World then makes sure Shadow knows he is not his enemy. Then they disappear and Shadow and Wednesday are alone again.

Nora: Best scene of the episode and that’s saying a lot with all these great scenes. I’m leaning towards #campnewgods because they are just so cool. But Wednesday is one tricky bastard en there’s a small cameo from Anansi and… I think the creators want us to like both teams. We’re being played. Oh, and that unicorn was just trippy.

Ingrid: I have to side with the oldies though. Simply because these new Gods are just waaay too creepy. Mr. World is by far one of the scariest villains around and he does not even have to try hard. His presence alone his enough.

Nora: I guess I like creepy and scary haha. Crispin Glover’s face alone is enough, another casting job well done. Though picturing him as George McFly doesn’t help me.

Ingrid: My memory of Back to the Future is not good enough to let that ruin it for me.

A Police Graveyard

Shadow and Wednesday escape from the room, only to find that the police station now looks like something straight out of a horror film. A tree grows out of one of the dead cops and attacks Shadow, but he can escape just in time. Outside, the police car with Sweeney inside radio for help. They go in to find out what is wrong. When Sweeney realises that they would not return again, he makes a run for it.

In a morgue not far away, Laura accidentally kills an attendant as she breaks out of her cold drawer. All of her make up is gone and she grabs the bag with her belongings, which has the label Jane Doe. She takes it with her as she walks out of the morgue, naked and still very much dead.

Nora: Aaaw, no more smart cops… The Laura ending was the most meh bit of the episode in my opinion.

Ingrid: This scene had me on the edge of my seat though. Some creepy ass shit going on there.

Nora: Can’t wait to see what it all means and where this show will take us next.


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