Avengers 4: what we know so far

Avengers 4: what we know so far

If you clicked on this article, you’ve probably seen Avengers: Infinity War already. If not, there are spoilers coming your way. Click away now, last chance! Still here? That means you’re still recovering from a broken heart. Chances are, one (or more) of your favorite characters is dead. And we still have to wait an agonizing year to find out what happens in Avengers 4. So, here’s what we know so far. Which is about nothing.

Everybody is pretty much really dead

Soooo… the screenwriters for Infinity War have said that those deaths at the end of the film, are final. Those people (and creatures) are dead. Here’s what Christopher Markus told Buzzfeed News:

“Also…the deaths are real. I just want to tell you it’s real, and the sooner you accept that, the sooner you will be able to move on to the next stage of grief.”

There are seven stages of grief:

  1. Shock (all of us in the theaters watching Infinity War the first time)
  2. Denial (nope. they are not dead. not at all. didn’t happen)
  3. Anger (whyyyyyyyyy did they kill him/her? it’s not fair, I will write an angry letter to the Russo’s)
  4. Bargaining (dear Russo’s, please consider writing everybody back to life. sincerely, all fans)
  5. Depression (nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I want him/her back. *cries*)
  6. Testing (I will read all comics to see if I can find a possible solution)
  7. Acceptance (I guess they are all dead… let’s find out why in Avengers 4 and have my heart broken all over again!)

So I guess I’m still in stage two: denial. With a bit of anger in the mix as well. But. But! In the comics, Thanos also snaps his fingers and a lot of people die. Also in the comics, everything is set back to normal and those people live on. And yeah, the comics are different from the film, duh. But as I am still in denial, I very much wish for everybody to get back to life. Speaking of which…

Gamora actually isn’t all that dead

The Russo Brothers themselves have said this. At a special gathering at a school in the US (all I ever got in high school was a washed up nineties band…) they said Gamora is, in fact, not 100% dead. Her soul is trapped in the Soul Stone. This is why Thanos had the vision of him and Gamora right after snapping his ugly purple fingers.

So yes, her body is dead and the chances of her getting back to life are less than the dust-people. But still, there’s a chance that she could come back somehow. Although, here’s what Joe Russo said about this subject to comicbook.com:

To clarify, it’s a spiritual representation of her and obviously that’s something that the Soul Stone has power to do. But really it’s there to illustrate his pain and his guilt. I wouldn’t read much more into it beyond that.

If anything, that idiot Starboard doesn’t deserve Gamora back. And maybe she won’t be back for Avengers 4. My bet is on a story written for her resurrection in Guardians of the Galaxy 3. Since right now, only Rocket is left alive of the Guardians and his priority would be Groot, not Gamora.

We’re getting a lot more #TeamCap

And also, a lot more OG Avenger. Because maybe you haven’t realized this yet, but all of the six original Avengers are still alive at the moment. Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Hulk and Thor are all very much alive. I wonder at what stage of grief they are. Also, there’s Hawkeye. And while we don’t know for sure if Mr. Family is still alive, Jeremy Renner has been confirmed for Avengers 4. There are even set pictures with him. So let’s assume he is still up and running.

Sadly, Steve Roger’s BFF’s Bucky and Falcon are both dust. But also in #TeamCap was Ant-Man, who is, same as Hawkeye, presumably alive. His next installment, Ant-Man and the Wasp is coming out this summer. It’s expected that the ending of that film will have the same timeframe as Infinity War, thus ending at the same moment in time. In that same interview with Buzzfeed news, here’s what Stephen McFeely said about Captain America getting more screen time:

Some characters were better served in movie 2 after this event. We were making some choices based on some characters we knew were going to leave us at the end of the first movie, so they got highlighted in the first movie. And some who were going to be in the second movie more maybe got less attention or less screentime [in Infinity War] — I’m thinking of Cap and Natasha, specifically. It’s about the story we wanted to tell in movie 2, mostly.

Avengers 4 probably involves time travel

So, this has yet to be confirmed by the Russo’s, the screenwriters or Marvel. That’s why there’s a ‘probably’ in the header. But either way, there are casting calls and set pictures which both tell us that the probability of time travel will be pretty sure. It’s just a question of…. HOW? and maybe also a little WHO? And, with time travel, obviously: WHEN? Well, that last question can be partly answered.

There are set pictures (just a quick reminder that Infinity War and Avengers 4 were shot back to back) which are definitely set during the Battle of New York. Remember, that was the spectacular ending of the first Avengers film. There’s a beardless Cap and a red-headed Natasha. Also: Ant-Man is there. Say what now? So that means it’s not a flashback since he most certainly wasn’t there the first time around.

Just search Google Images for ‘Avengers 4 set pictures’ and welcome to ‘what will happen theory heaven’. The casting call I was talking about is for an older Cassie Lang, the daughter of Scott Lang, also known as An-Man. I’ve got a feeling Ant-man will play a pretty big part in Avengers 4. But what about his daughter? we’ll just have to wait and see. There are also a lot of theories concerning her role.

What else do we know?

  • The release date! May 3rd, 2019. So mark your calendars, we are going to the cinema!
  • Captain Marvel will play an important part, considering the after credits scene where Nick Fury calls her. But since hardly anything is known yet about that film, we are kept in the dark about her part.
  • A title? Nope. So far, it’s still Avengers 4. That’s because the official title is a huge spoiler, and the Russo’s want to give everybody a chance to see it spoiler free. But they do know the title so expect an announcement soon.
  • No new films were cancelled (yet). So that’s why it’s a safe bet why the dust-people like Spider-Man, Black Panther and the Guardians will return to life
  • Before Avengers 4, Ant-Man and the Wasp and Captain Marvel will hit cinema’s. After that, it’s time to see what shocks and heartaches the new Avengers film will bring us.



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