Bridget Jones's Baby - A review

Bridget Jones’s Baby – A Film Review

It’s been a few years since we were treated to the last Bridget Jones film, the Edge of Reason. Bridget Jones, for those of you who do not know, is a film series based on a novel about a thirty-something single woman in London. She is an anti-hero and someone a lot of women can relate to. She is clumsy, impulsive and not perfect, which are three reasons why she is so incredibly popular.

Twelve years

The Edge of Reason dates back twelve years ago and was slightly disappointing compared to the first film. The third installment is no miss however. They had to make do without Hugh Grant this time (which is okay because it provides us with a very hilarious scene early on) and instead introduces Patrick Dempsey as one of Bridget’s new love interests.

The plot is easy to guess. Bridget is pregnant! Hurray! Finally the now 43-year old makes her mother’s wish come true. But who is the father? Is it the mysterious and gorgeous American she meets at a music festival or is it her old love Mark Darcy? And how in the world is she going to tell them?

Penis jokes

All the actors are amazing in the film. The comedic timing is impeccable and there were plenty of times when the whole crowd was laughing. I couldn’t help but laugh many times, and I am a tough one to please when it comes to humor in films. But Bridget Jones is just so relatable (except for the fact that she got to roll around with Patrick Dempsey Jack Quannt and we did not) and the humour is quite clever. It’s not just slapstick and penis jokes, but actual clever puns and remarks. I really enjoyed that.

It was a good thing to go to a film that wasn’t serious and depressing for a change. Bridget Jones’s Baby is not the best romantic comedy ever made but it is really good at what it does and it is definitely in my top 5 of best romcoms. If you are looking for a night out to just relax and laugh and have a great time, this is the film for you!



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