Who is Captain Marvel?

Who is Captain Marvel?

While we’re all still recovering from Infinity War (yes it is that traumatic), it’s time to look ahead. Not many Marvel films are going to be released before Avengers 4. However, one that is confirmed is Captain Marvel. It will be the first female-led film in the MCU. Captain Marvel has not made an appearance in any Marvel film yet. So who is this character and how could she possibly save the universe?

Just a normal girl

Captain Marvel is the superhero name of Carol Danvers. While she is currently known as Captain Marvel for the upcoming film, in the comics she is known as Ms. Marvel among other names. Before she got her superpowers, she was known as “the finest head of security a missile base could want.” At first, there was another Captain Marvel, a male, who Carol met in his alternative identity Doctor Lawson. She got her amazing powers after an exploding Kree-Psyche Magnetron melded her DNA with that of Captain Marvel, transferring some of his abilities to her. Eventually she lost some of her powers to Rogue for a time. However, she has kicked ass using many names ranging from Ms. Marvel, to Binary, to Warbird and of course Captain Marvel. Her powers include flight, enhanced strength, durability and the ability to shoot concussive energy bursts from her hand.

Different teams

Over the years, Captain Marvel has been a part of different teams. She has served various Avengers teams and has spent a lot of time with the X-Men. She has also been associated with The Guardians of the Galaxy a few times, which is very interesting.  Captain Marvel has been voted #11 on IGN‘s list of the top 50 Avengers, which is quite an accomplishment.

What do we know about her film?

Well, the most important thing we know is that Brie Larson will play the part of Captain Marvel. The film is set in the nineties, so it will not directly influence the events in Infinity War. It is expected that she will play a large part in Avengers 4, which is why her solo film will be released before the fourth Avengers. A photo from set shows that Larson’s character will be an Air Force One pilot. The film will also star Samuel L. Jackson as a young Nick Fury (when he still had two eyes).

Who is Captain Marvel?

The official synopsis for the plot is as follows:

“The story follows Carol Danvers as she becomes one of the universe’s most powerful heroes when Earth is caught in the middle of a galactic war between two alien races.”

While not much else is known about the story, some insiders claim that it will feature elements we have never seen in a Marvel film. While Wonder Woman was an important film for women, these insiders also claim Captain Marvel will blow Wonder Woman out of the water. We’ll have to wait until 2019 to see.

What do you think of Captain Marvel? Will her film live up to the hype? Let us know!



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