The Controversy surrounding Mulan's Live Action remake

The Controversy surrounding Mulan’s Live Action remake

Disney’s live action remakes are basically all we are living for at the moment. The Jungle Book was fantastic. Beauty and the Beast gave us all the feels. And there is still a long list of remakes to come. The Lion King with Beyoncé as Nala. Aladdin with Marwan Kenzari (Dutchies represent!) as Jafar. One of the most anticipated remakes is definitely Mulan. How can it not be when it is a story about a kick-ass female saving the whole of China? However, while the initial release of Mulan was supposed to be this year, it has been postponed to November/December 2019. There are more facts about this film that makes our Disney hearts break. Let’s take a look at what is going on.

No Music

Director Niki Caro has said in an interview that there will be no songs. This is terrible news. While Reflection was an epic coming-of-age song, it is I’ll Make a Man out of You that gets us started at all times. The first line alone is legendary. “LET’S GET DOWN TO BUSINESS TO DEFEAT THE HUNS.” If they would only use that song, it would be enough. Perhaps it is to stop all of us from having to contain ourselves when the first notes find our ears.

“Not going to sing along.”

“We are in a packed theatre. Stop yourself now.”



Just to comfort all of us, here is the whole song so you can sing along anyway.

No Li Shang

In a crime against all that is good, Disney apparently decided to ditch Li Shang altogether. Li Shang is the captain (and singer of the awesome song mentioned above). He is also Mulan’s love interest. Instead, Li Shang is replaced by a guy named Chen Honghui, who will never replace Li Shang. It is obvious from the casting information that Mulan and this Chen dude will totally fall in love.


What’s next? Will they leave out Mushu too? Please Disney do not take Mushu away from us!

The Controversy surrounding Mulan's Live Action remake

The Whitewashing controversy

While this has been resolved, when the project was only just announced, people feared that Disney would whitewash the film. Reason for this was because someone sent an anonymous letter to a site, claiming to have read the spec script and that it included a European trader who would fall in love with Mulan. The uproar was massive and Disney had to confirm that all main and primary roles would be played by Chinese actors. Which makes total sense considering this is a Chinese story. Luckily, after a global auditioning process, our new Mulan was found in Liu Yifei. No further casting information is available. As long as we will have Mushu, all will be well.

The Controversy surrounding Mulan's Live Action remake

Will it still be good?

Regardless of the changes made, we have to remember this is a film based both on the original ballad as well as the Disney film. It will still be a film about a brave young woman who finds her way in a man’s world and kicks ass while doing so. Plus, it is an opportunity for Asian girls to find representation in a big Disney film. So we are probably going to watch this film about a million times when it comes out.


Which remake are you looking forward to the most? Let us know!



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