13th Doctor Who Jodie Whittaker reactions

Doctor Who and the case of misogyny

Gather around kids as the internet has just exploded once again! On this beautiful Sunday, BBC announced that the thirteenth Doctor in the Doctor Who series, is a woman played by Jodie Whittaker. Now all of you progressive people out there will go all ‘yay’ and ‘ok cool’. But that is not the case for quite some males who dwell on the internet. Apparently some are still convinced that women should have no rights. That women are the lesser gender, you know how that goes. Anyway, many of them believe that a woman is unable to play Doctor Who, because it is not realistic. THE DOCTOR IS A MAN, OK! Hate to break it to you, but Daleks, Weeping Angels and Tardis are not real either. So let us take a look at all the very educated responses on Facebook.

“Think about the boys!”

13th Doctor Who Jodie Whittaker reactions

It is absolutely sexist to say that the Doctor should not be a woman. Look, the thing is, we teach boys they have to act like men. That they cannot cry. That girly stuff is gay. If you let a fictional character shape the values of your son, you are doing something very wrong. Instead, you should be the one shaping those values. You should be the one teaching them that they can like whatever they want, even if it is pink or girly. I absolutely think a boy would still watch this show, unless his father tells him not too because admiring a female as a role model is not masculine. Besides, imagine all the 8-12 year old young girls. They already live in a world dominated by men. Whenever there is a large franchise that stars a female (Rey in Star Wars or Black Widow in the Avengers), they have trouble finding merchandise. Are these young girls not important enough to you? Do they not matter enough? A positive change is happening in which females take the lead. First Wonder Woman and now Doctor Who. Let us teach girls they can too be strong and kick-ass. Boys already have plenty of role models to choose from.

The “I’m a feminist but-” who is not very feminist

13th Doctor Who Jodie Whittaker reactions

Yeah because change is terrible. 100 years ago, everything was so much better too. I’m sorry darling, but why the hell do you believe that they chose a woman in order to make you feel better about yourself? I am going to throw in a very crazy idea here. What if the show needed a fresh new storyline? Or what if they auditioned several actors and actresses and came to the conclusion that Jodie Whittaker was the best option? What if, I don’t know, this opens the door to brand new storylines? Well, looking at most of the responses, I think the following will definitely get a huge boost from this decision. Hell, I might even start watching now.


13th Doctor Who Jodie Whittaker reactions

This is a show. About aliens. About time travelling. And you are telling me that the weirdest thing about this all is that Doctor Who should not be a woman? And let’s be honest, had he been a black guy, the internet would have been just as disappointed. Remember when everybody had a heart-attack over Hermione being black in the Cursed Child play? Take a chill pill.

The “Everything was better in the old days” argument

13th Doctor Who Jodie Whittaker reactions

First off, I enjoy commas as much as you do, but this is overkill. Second, you have not seen a single episode. Are you some sort of psychic who can see into the future? If not, your argument is invalid as the fact that the doctor is a woman is not enough evidence that the show is going downhill.


13th Doctor Who Jodie Whittaker reactions

First off, considering how old this girl is (I think about 15), I find it hard to believe she has been following the show since day one. And yes, the shortage of strong male characters in pop culture is astounding. Someone should really do something about that. These damn women.

Why you should not get a high blood-pressure over this

If something like this devastates you, then you have not really sorted out your priorities in life. There were thousands of comments and the more I read, the more I was rolling my eyes until I was afraid they would fall out. Some claim that we should now also make princess Leia a male and Wonder Woman a man (I would love to see a man work that outfit though). But why is it so hard to face the reality that women have fewer starring roles than men do? Why is it so hard to accept that the world is changing and men are no longer the centre of pop culture? Men are still in control of governing the world and look how that is going. We should teach girls that they can be just as strong as boys. We should teach boys that they can be vulnerable too. And most of all, we should realise that we are talking about  a fictional character here. It would be much more helpful if you were to use your energy for things that actually matter. If you do not want to watch this show any longer, fine. No one will stop you. But at least watch that first episode. Only then can you truly decide if there is a foundation to your claims. Until then, be a little kinder.

As Jodie herself said:

“I want to tell the fans not to be scared by my gender. Because this is a really exciting time, and Doctor Who represents everything that’s exciting about change. The fans have lived through so many changes, and this is only a new, different one, not a fearful one.” Source



Article written by Ingrid

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